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Help needed with Paypal

Discussion in 'General Nonsense' started by MiST91, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. MiST91 Guest

    Hi all, ok...:ohwell: i have sold a phone on eBay and have said only way to pay is through paypal. When i first made my eBay account i made a paypal account and (to cut a long story short) i wasn't happy with the e-mail address so fucked that account off :wtf: and made a differant one (the one i'm use now) and all was well :), but in "My eBay" i had forgot to change my Paypal e-mail to the one i'm using now :nutkick:.

    So, i sold the phone and the buyer has attempted to pay through the Paypal account i dont use and is waiting for me to accept or decline the payment :eek:, only problem is, i forgot the password to that account :eek:, and "Forgot your Password" doesn't work :eek:, is there any way for the buyer to cancel the payment in his account, he says there isn't, but i'm pretty sure there is .

    Any help appreciated :toast: :respect:
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  2. OrbitzXT

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    There definitely is, when I began selling awhile back I did the same thing. Either he cancels and makes payment again or you should call PayPal and have them retrieve the password so you can deny payment. Also I'm not sure how PayPal works in the UK, but in the US we tend only to ship within the US to help prevent fraud. Never ship to someone who requests you to ship to an address other than the Confirmed and Verified address in their account, or months down the road you may find a Chargeback and a negative balance in your PayPal account. I got scammed once a long time ago when I first started selling, thankfully it wasn't for too much.
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  3. MiST91 Guest

    Paypal in the UK is the exact same as America, there based in Luxembourg. Its the same with fraud as well, most people in the UK will only ship within the UK, and we very rarely ship to Africa (nigeria), China and sometimes even europien contries like Italy because of people trying to scam you, the person who bought the phone is very genuine, but i think he's new to eBay and PayPal, does anyone know how he can cancel the pending payment?
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  4. MiST91 Guest

    please help me :respect:
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  5. Black Panther

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    It should work.

    Have you tried clicking 'forgot your email'?

    They will ask you to confirm some stuff like your house number or your home telephone number in order to give you the info.

    Anyway I think the best thing would be to call paypal by phone. :ohwell:

    PayPal UK is 08707 307 191 (UK national call rates apply)

    I don't know if the following are UK-

    # Their toll free number is (888) 221-1161
    # Their NEW regular telephone number is: (650) 864-8000
    # An automated phone number is 402-935-7733
    # Another regular telephone number is: (402)935-2050
    # 408 376 7400 fax: 408-376-7514
    # One of their fax numbers is: (402)537-5765
    # Another fax number is: (650)251-1101
    # The entire block of phone numbers from (402)935-2100 to (402)935-2299 seems to be all PayPal's.

    Sourcee: http://www.paypalsucks.com/faqs.shtml

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