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Help with turing/pascal vs league of legends

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Jul 26, 2019
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Ever since few years ago riot games has decided to allow calculators to run their game. However they have caused all higher end pcs to basically function the same as the old and very outdated pcs.

The pascal/turing gpus will never treat the game like an actual workload. I was happy with my old gtx970 because i could bios edit it to go ham even on a shit game like league. And on my temporary pc with a gtx1060 6gb i just sucked it up and let the thing play at half core clock/near lowest idle voltage. After I upgraded to a 2070 super recently and league's fps is basically still the same. Riot only ever wants you to have around 200-300fps, doesn't matter if you have 240hz or 60hz monitor. So if anyone is multitasking and perhaps using nvenc to stream, the game's fps can drop as low as 100-170. While the game is still telling your gpu that working at just 20% utilization with 70% of max boosted core clocks is totally fine. League used to not make your gpu go to P0, but now at least thats working.

https://puu.sh/DYJT3/47ec1b4839.jpg https://puu.sh/DYJNN/b0ba0d6715.png

info: i have 8600k @ 4.9ghz ~ 1.29v
strix 2070S @ 2040/2055MHz and 2000memory (on 431.68 hotfix driver)
16gb @ 3200
850evo ssd that the game is installed on
playing on 1080p
windows 1903
windows graphic settings high perf for each game
nvidia ctrl panel max fps/max performance etc
All other games are running great.

So my question is, does anyone know any workarounds on how to make the gpu not AFK while playing this god damn game (I understand there might really be nothing you can do now theres no bios editing).
https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=2080ti+league+of+legends+1080p (some examples lol)
(guy playing at 1440p with 200 fps on 2080ti chilling around 500MHz lol)

Thanks to anyone that may have some ideas that i can try/test. This shit issue has been causing me depression since switching off of my gtx 970 years ago lul.
Not open for further replies.