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Helping a friend to mod his Chieftec case, any good idéas?



Ok, so a friend of mine (who bought my old system) has got his hands on a 2:nd hand Chieftec case (DG-01BD-U). I already have solutions for cable management since I owned a similar case years ago.

What I don't know (and neither does he) is if there is a window on the case. What he want's me to do is to install all of his fans, or as many as possible for cooling. This is what he has:

Six 80mm fans, one 120mm fan. Thermaltake controller for 1 of the fans (one of the controls had a malfunction). and a thrower switch for some of the fans.

Now.. My idéa was to give the fans their own power, just like I had before - I connect them to a 12v source instead of the PSU, and in between is the thrower switch to disable some of the fans.

I have a dremel tool, but the cutting discs are all gone. So I have no idéa how to create more holes for extra fans.

Paint.. Ah, he said "Surprise me". So I thought I would use the colors he likes most: Neon green and black. Was thinking first Neon green on the inside and black outside. However, since we don't know if it has a window or not, I just have to wait for that.

Lights - I do have a "running light" with 5 ultra bright Nakamichi LED's (Naka something..), connected to it's own 3~5v power source, batteries or external source. Should I have them inside or outside? Should I change them to red (It has the "Night Rider" effect, very cool)?

Is there anything else I can do with it?

Thankful for any replies given.


There doesn't seem to be a window. But there are mounts for 2 fans on the side panel and 2 (or more) fans for the front panel. All are 80mm I think.

For holes, you can drill out a couple closely spaced holes and then use tin snips or a nibbler (not sure what it's called) to rough out the hole and use a grinding wheel to clean up the edges.

Check the wattage on the fans. I doubt that you would need an extra power supply unless the one you'll be using is already close to being maxed out. Most fans use less than .2A so at 12v that's at most 2.4 watts - times 7 is 16 watts or so. That shouldn't cause a problem for the PSU.