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Hey, guys...(just playin' around)

Discussion in 'System Builder's Advice' started by Franklinwallbrown, Nov 21, 2008.

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    Dec 6, 2007
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    I'm board (because I left my bookbag at home w/ all of my stuff in it) and I was thinking about computers (which I'm sure we all do often) and I was contimplating the idea of building myself a computer when I get my grant money back for next semester (for those of you who know me: I know I've said this before). I have a great laptop, now I need a big brother desktop to blow it away. The only thing is the i7 has come out and I don't think that it is a good price/performance match for me. That's why I was thinking Core2Duo/Quad for gaming and other stuff...

    The things I do (in order from most to least often):

    -Folding@Home (I'm actually not at my computer)
    -Downloading Stuff (big woop, right? Again not at my computer)
    -Surfing/Homework (surfing includes watching movies [on Netflix & from Netflix] & listening to music)
    -Ripping DVDs (I am thinking about moving to BluRay, but I know that I'd like to at least be able to watch BluRays on my desktop and connect it to an HDTV & surround sound)
    -Playing games (I'm poor so all I have are my free, hand-me-down games: BF:2142, WoW [which I don't pay for, BTW] and a free online game I play with my GF. However, I was looking into Crysis [I played the demo] and FarCry 2 [trailers look amazing]. I don't really play single player games and I love BF:2142's multiplayer content. I've heard that BF2 is better, but that wasn't given to me for free.)
    -Messing w/ Ubuntu

    I know how to OC, so, I'm going to OC...

    Here's what I was thinking:

    Budget: Negotiable, but I don't want to go crazy because I know that I could easily buy an uber great computer that I'd never get the full potential out of...I was thinking around $2000-$3000, but it would be over time.

    CPU: Either a E8400 (which I've heard can get to 4.2Ghz on air) or a Q6600 (which I've heard can get to 3.6Ghz on air)

    MB: Asus P5N-D?

    RAM: I've heard that GSkill Pis are the way to go for DDR2...the 1200Mhz Pis are $300!!! So, I think their out. The 1100s are only $115, but I've heard that they don't OC well. Other than Pis I've heard Corsair...I'm not really 100%

    GPU: One word: 280...wait, that's three (two-hundred and eighty?). I was thining 2x280s SLI eventually

    PSU: I'm pretty up in the air, but I know that Modular PSUs are nice...I was thinking~1000w PSU for all the future upgrades

    What I have to use:

    HDD: 2xRaptors36gb & WD 250gb

    GPU: 4850

    Case: my old one...

    That's what I was thinking to start with, then I was gonig to grow to:

    Sound: Auzentech Prelude

    HDD: 1xVelociraptor & 3xWD GPs

    Cooling: air (but which one) and perhaps watercooling later

    LCD: 24" or 22" (I like 1920x1200, but 16:9 is native...I've also seen a backlit LCD which looked amazing), but I don't know which one (Wile E says 24" Westinghouse, but I can't find one anymore)

    I've also seen my friend play COD4 and he said that he'd probably give it to me so...
    I saw a review somewhere that compaired the speed of RAM at different CAS Latencies and Clock speeds and they concluded that 1200Mhz DDR2 at 5-5-5 was the fastest w/ 800 at 3-3-3 was the second or something like that. Does anyone know about this?
    The OCZ Flex XLC 1200 is looking pretty good, but it isn't 2x2gb kit...
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