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HIS Unveils the Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X Graphics Card

Dec 6, 2011
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Rumored but still not officially launched by AMD, the Cayman-powered Radeon HD 6930 has now been outed by Hong Kong-based add-in board maker HIS (Hightech Information System). Known as the Radeon HD 6930 IceQ X, HIS' card comes equipped with a dual-slot IceQ X cooler (boasting a 92mm fan and four heatpipes), and features a blue PCB, a GPU clock of 750 MHz (the, a 256-bit memory interface, 1 GB of GDDR5 memory set to 4800 MHz, CrossFireX and Eyefinity support, plus dual-DVI, HDMI and dual mini DisplayPort outputs.

According to previous reports, the Radeon HD 6930 packs 1280 Stream Processors and will sell for under $200. No word yet on availability so it's not certain where HIS will ship this card.

Aug 11, 2009
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so its kinda like 5830 ? hope its not as fail as that
Feb 17, 2007
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so its kinda like 5830 ? hope its not as fail as that
The 5830 was so fail because they halved the ROP Units to 16 from the 5850. I believe the ROP count will remain the same on the 6930 as on the 6950.
Apr 19, 2011
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so its kinda like 5830 ? hope its not as fail as that
The 5830 got a bad rap when it first came out, because AMD decide (kind of had to release it) and had to price it according to the 58XX pricing at the time. Remember those prices were holding firm because of Fermi’s late arrival. AMD released the 5830 five months before a GTX 460; and why because they had a price hole to fill, and as they were selling every 5850, it was hard to sit back and not capitalize. If you went for a 5830 for $210, you obviously didn’t have discernment.

A reference GTX 460 when it finally showed was 7-10% better than 5830, and AMD at that point had no problem cutting it to $180; $20 less than GTX460 MSRP price, while probably $40 below the going rate at Etailers. Then very quickly AMD had them to $150, and at that price/performance they weren't all that bad.

There was another gelding/cutback that Nvidia pushed out, that was worse remember the "SE" version of the GTX460 wasn't that a designator for “Sucky Edition”? :shadedshu
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Sep 20, 2010
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What you people are failing to see is that releasing the HD5830 was the only choice that AMD had at the time. AMD had faulty HD5800 cores that weren't up to HD5850 specs so they either had to release them on a card or discard them. For some people, HD5830 was still a good choice because it was faster than HD5770 and more affordable than HD5850. AMD probably should have done something to help with the power consumption because the 5830 used way too much power for the performance level. With so many disabled units it should not have used as much power as a 5850. It was the same with the GTX 460SE or any other card based on parts that were binned for failing to pass quality assurance testing. When video card manufacturers have bad chips left over after a production run they have to do something with them or else they lose a lot of money so they release them at reduced prices. Even after GTX460 released it was still a good choice for some people because of AMD's price cutting bringing it into a more affordable price range than GTX460.

Like the HD5830, it's more a case of the power consumption of this card that worries me. From the specs it's not a whole lot more powerful than a HD6870. If it has the same power requirement as a HD6950 with lower performance, then it will be HD5830 all over again.
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