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how are these phenom X3 temps ?

Jan 28, 2007
2,646 (0.67/day)
System Name Ma Biatch
Processor i7 860
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3A
Cooling Noctua
Memory 8gb (4x2gb) G-Skill
Video Card(s) GTX 470
Storage WD5000aaks raid0
Display(s) Sony Bravia 37" 1080p
Case CM 690
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Corsair HX520
Software Windows 7 Ultimate
well after installing the Asus Silent Knight last week, which was a ballache as i had to remove the motherboard :banghead:, finally had a chance to sit down and give the temps a look at, this was done with nero encoding for around 45 minutes although it doesnt use 100% cpu (sits around 85-95%) its not a bad indication, was monitoring temps using speedfan and aod, which were both reporting the same temps so thats a bonus

its not a bad cooler tbh, however for the last year or so ive been used to intels pushpins hsf', although a little fiddly when you first experience them, there the easiest method of installing a hsf once you are used to them imo. i had to get my head around the bracket retention system again, which can be hairpulling imo.

did receive some thermal paste in a tube with the silent knight, labelled asus, i thought i might just try it afterall it says asus on the front lol needless to say it was the worst crappy thermal paste ive ever tried to use, it was dried out and wouldnt even spread could of been years old for all i know, so i used some arctic silver.