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How much better should next NVIDIA GeForce be to impress you? (vs GTX 1080 Ti)

How much better should next NVIDIA GeForce be to impress you? (vs GTX 1080 Ti)

  • Same perf for $600

    Votes: 842 18.4%
  • +40% for same price

    Votes: 2,709 59.1%
  • +50% for less than $1k

    Votes: 675 14.7%
  • Price doesn't matter, as fast as possible

    Votes: 356 7.8%

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New Member
Jun 2, 2017
14 (0.03/day)
by the looks of it, I think Nvidia is pushing hard to achieve higher levels of performance with 1180 Compared to the 1080Ti, and if it's 10% faster than the 1080Ti which is very likely in the end we'll see a 40% improvement over 1080 for nearly the same price.
May 13, 2013
7 (0.00/day)
Why are we treating this as a new thing? The 1180 will probably be 20% faster, like every new gen has been after a Ti.

Don't understand why it should be any different.
Feb 18, 2013
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more or less a reasonable 30% gain over 1080Ti...
Nov 29, 2016
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Wow, way to overhype the card... There's no way it's 30% faster than a 1080Ti let alone 40%.
Mar 18, 2015
653 (0.52/day)
Well as you know better than most wiz.... the historical increase has not been constant. For comparisons between generations I used reference cards from TPU reviews. For OC ability, I use the MSI Gaming X as its a model frequently reviewed here.

The 1080 Ti was 1.27 times as fast as the 980 Ti ,... but the AIB 980 Ti had twice the OC ability (+27.1% vs +14.7%) resulting in the 1080 Ti AIB being 1.45 times faster then the stock 980 Ti.

The 980 Ti was 1.40 times as fast as the 780 Ti ,... but the AIB 980 Ti with it's high OC ability (+27.2% vs ) resulting in the 980 Ti AIB being 1.78 times faster then the stock 780 Ti (+1.18%). Clearly... the jump from the 780 Ti to the 980 Ti was huge compared to the 980 Ti => 1080 Ti jump

On the x70 series however ....

The 1070 was 1.63 times as fast as the 970 ,... and had pretty much the same OC ability (+18.5% vs +17.1%) resulting in the 1070 AIB being 1.93 times faster then the stock 970.

The 970 was 1.39 times as fast as the 770 ,... and again the 770 had pretty much the same OC ability (+16.8% vs ) resulting in the 970 AIB being 1.62 times faster then the stock 770. Clearly... the jump from the 970 to the 1070 was huge compared to the 770 => 970 jump . So we can't just look at generation to generation, we have to look at which models.

But again, we also have to think about design targets. With the 9xx series, nVidia had owned the top 2 tiers, the 780 Ti immediately stole the shine from the 290x before it was even in stores and when tests tarted showing OC performance, the 780 was faster than the 290x because of the latter's single digit OC ability.

So, with 9xx, nVidia went to capture the next tier by setting design goals significantly above where they otherwise might have been for the x70. It had such an impact, gamers bought it at more than twice the rate of all 2xx and 3xx series cards combined. With 10xx they went to capture the x60 niche, and while thgey again took the crown when both the 1060 and 480 were OC'd, the 480, at least the AIB versions, had an edge out of the box.

So what will we see this time ? I think nVidia's goal has to be 70 fps almost across the board at 2160p w/ 144 hz HDR screens. Otherwise that segment will stagnate for another 2 years. Don't see people spending $2k on a new monitor w/o something that let's thrm use it. So if it was me sitting in the corner office, Id be looking to make my biggest splash with the Ti @ 2160p. And at 1440p or 1080p... folks existing 9xx / 10xx cards for the most part are doing just fine.
Oct 22, 2014
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Wow, way to overhype the card... There's no way it's 30% faster than a 1080Ti let alone 40%.
OR, he's trying to tell us subtly after testing the card :cool:
Mar 18, 2015
653 (0.52/day)
Why not ?

The 1080 Ti was 1.27 times as fast as the 980 Ti
The 980 Ti was 1.40 times as fast as the 780 Ti

The 1070 was 1.63 times as fast as the 970
The 970 was 1.39 times as fast as the 770

Then again .... why ? It doesn't need to be.

AMD has no horse in the race from the 1060 on uo.... if there's no competition, why not set lower design goals, maintain the historical price structure and make a card that costs less to produce. Question is ... will they make the best card that the platform ? technology allows ... or will they go just far enough to dominate the top 4 price segments ?
Nov 13, 2007
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it will probably get hit by the tariffs as well... so pretty sure it will be much more expensive than prior price bumps.
Jan 17, 2006
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None of the options matched my expectations. I'd be wanting to see 40%+ at 1080 prices to make an upgrade worthwhile.

@John Naylor They should want to push the envelope to enable new rendering methods/quality and make "proper" VR doable.

Also if companies get "lazy" they can have thier lunch eaten if a newcomer or old rival suddenly comes out swinging, just look what has happened to CPUs in the last 18 months thanks to Zen.
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Oct 31, 2008
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I'll take a 10-15% performance increase for $600-700.


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Mar 9, 2018
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The wording makes it seem like the comparison is between the 1180/2080 and the 1080 ti ("...next nVidia card..."), hence my vote goes for same perf for $600. Most users here are talking about 1180ti/2080ti vs 1080ti. So which way is it?
Dec 22, 2011
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The wording makes it seem like the comparison is between the 1180/2080 and the 1080 ti ("...next nVidia card..."), hence my vote goes for same perf for $600. Most users here are talking about 1180ti/2080ti vs 1080ti. So which way is it?
Indeed, the GTX 1180/2080 will be replacing the GTX 1080, not the GTX 1080 Ti. No doubt when the true GTX 1080 Ti replacement comes it will also be beastly and lack any real competiton like it's predecessor.
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Sep 24, 2014
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I really hope that 1180/2080 to be at least 35% better than 1080 for around the same price but I might as well skip the 1180/2080 and wait for the Ti version.
May 9, 2012
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no answer ... since
Same perf for $600
would put it at a 1070 price ... (what ... at launch date, pre mining craze my 1070 was 528.65$ and that was with the cheapest custom model ) unrealistic.

+40% for same price
would be equal to : 834.51$ pricing as minima (which is the actual commonly seen 1080 pricing for me )

+50% for less than $1k
unrealistic for me ... since a 1080Ti is above 1k where i live so a 1180 with +50% perf over a 1080Ti will not be lower (rule of greed and fans delirium)

Price doesn't matter, as fast as possible
and this is why we can't have nice things at a nice price, imho :laugh:

my answer would be ... 1180? mmhhh i pass.
the 1170 will be a better alternative, or waiting what will AMD offer, although in my case even a Vega 64 would be a acceptable upgrade, if the price weren't idiotic as they are...
(heck ... the Vega 64 launch price was a tad better than the 1070... if i didn't had to swap my dead 980Ti for my actual 1070 ... )
Jul 2, 2008
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@W1zzard , I find the poll too vague. What card are you talking about? The x80? x80 Ti?
For myself, I expect the next x80 to equal or barely beat the previous generation’s x80 Ti at the power usage of the previous x80. And Nvidia had better not raise the price AGAIN! They’ve been able to double the price since the GTX 260 days. (That performance slot now filled by the GTX 1080)


Overclocked quantum bit
Dec 6, 2007
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+40% for same price, or even more performance for the same price. Actually, a slightly lower price would be welcome too, as it's a lot of money already. However, I suspect that NVIDIA is pushing for a higher price point though with its new RTX technology, making the card unaffordable for all but the most well-off enthusiast. :ohwell:
Mar 31, 2012
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Benchmark Scores i dont care about scores
i vote for 40% for less price.