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How to Know How Much Wattage my GPU + CPU is Drawing?

May 8, 2023
55 (0.38/day)
I have a Ryzen 7 5800x with a Gigabyte RTX 3070 Eagle and a Phanteks Revolt Pro 1000w. this PSU should be more than enough to power it, yet when I add up the wattage I see on the rails and cores, it can create a pretty large number. particularly on loads that put pressure on the GPU (which goes without saying, I’m not surprised there)

I use HWInfo and I’m just a bit confused on whether or not I should be adding up ALL of these numbers. here are the rough CPU wattages taken from a gaming session of Destiny 2 (although they may not be identically accurate, since I had to infer from a screenshot of wattages in Elden Ring and combine it with my memory of how they behave in Destiny)

Package Power- 48w (max of 85w)
Individual Core Power- 1-3.5w (max of 10w)
CPU Core Power- 20w (max of 51w)
CPU SoC Power- 13w (max of 15w)
Core + SoC Power- 33w (max of 64w- I feel like I don’t need to add this because it just combines the previous 2?)
CPU PPT- 47w (max of 80w)

now here is the GPU wattages from the exact same session (these ones are a lot more accurate, I have the screenshot of the max wattages)

GPU Power- 60w (max of 128w)
GPU Core- 10w (max of 80w)
GPU PCIe +12v Input- 7-10w (max of 21w)
8-pin #1 Input- 37w (max of 70w)
6-pin #1 Input- 6-10w (max of 30w)
Misc0 Input- 38w (max of 48w)
GPU Core- 10w (max of 80w- it has the exact same reading as the other GPU Core NVVD so idk if I should include this)
GPU Input PP- 38w (max of 48w)
GPU Core- 15-20w (max of 57w)
GPU Core- 5-10w (max of 71w)

there’s multiple GPU Core NVVD readings but 2 of them are identical and the others are different. usually when the CPU hits those “maximum watts”, they all happen at roughly the same time; idk if the GPU also hits its max watts at the same time as the CPU here but regardless, if I add up all the max readings, I get 980w

even without the cpu, if the GPU reached those max readings at the same time as one another, the GPU alone would be using like 600-700w no? should I be calculating all those other numbers or should I ONLY be using the “GPU Power” one, that read a maximum of 128w?

because combining all the other numbers definitely exceeds the ~230w max of the 3070 so are those wattages important too? should I be worried about this at all?