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[HOWTO] Setting up a locally-hosted or online forum

Discussion in 'Programming & Webmastering' started by brandonwh64, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. brandonwh64

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    Look I got bored and wanted to show you how easy it was.

    ^^ TEST forums ^^

    Install this and only add Apache and MySQL



    Then install navicat lite

    Once you have restarted your server/pc start up xammp and start the apache and MySQL

    using navicat login to your databases and create a new one called forums like I did here but mine is called test


    Then create a new user and give it host

    Once you are done with that download the forum software in this case I used phpBB since it was free.

    Now extract the files into c:\xammp\htdocs\whatever folder here
    in my case I made a folder called forum


    Now inside your new folder should look like this


    Now on go to you web browser and type since that is were my forum software install page is located (YOURS MAYBE DIFFERENT)

    This will give you your first look at the install process. Mine has already been done but here is an example. Now all you have to do is follow the instructions (less than 2 minutes EASY) and give it the info of your database you just create and then create a admin user and then you are done!!


    Now this should be your end product when you goto


    The last part would be to build the forums to your style/specifics and that starts with going down to the bottom of the forums and clicking "Administration Control Panel"

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    stinger608 and Cheeseball say thanks.
  2. Tatty_One

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    I like this, very useful, makes me realise I have been doing things the hard way! Stickied.
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  3. stinger608

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    Excellent "howto" Brandon!!! This can be very useful for a lot of people including myself. :respect:
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