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i-Chill introduces Passive Cooling solution with AC Accelero S2M S1M


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May 31, 2004
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Hong Kong 5th March, 2007 – Inno3D® i-Chill series are excited to introduce noiseless passive cooling solutions with Arctic Cooling Accelero S2M (2pipes) for mainstream, and S1M (4pipes) for high-end NVIDIA® 7 series graphics cards design. It effectively helps remove heat from the graphics card and silently keeps all the components cool.

The Accelero S2M & S1M features a copper base and heatpipes that extend directly from the GPU centre to provide the ultimate heat conductivity and larger surface area. Heat from the GPU can rapidly reach through the Aluminum fins that extend beyond the height of the graphics card. The Aluminum fins are specially designed to allow air flow pass through easily and remove heat efficiently.

As shown in the graph above the Accelero S2M & S1M truly outperforms the standard passive cooling solutions in the market, creating a true industrial zero noise solutions and constant game play to all enthusiast gamers. It is assembled with 22 Aluminum fins which increase the surface area by 100% more than the standard cooler and each fin width at 3mm that is ideal for passive heat transfer.

The AC Accelero S2M & S1M heatpipe design is highly efficient for heat transfer and is filled with liquid material that vaporizes the heat from one side of the pipes to the other. The vaporized liquid is then cooled and liquidated again. (Refer to the below diagram)

For soundless gaming answers i-Chill Accelero S2M & S1M is now built with zero dB passive cooling solutions and ready for double the performance with SLI technology. For more information please visit Inno3D.

Source: Inno3D


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Jul 9, 2006
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Well good to know that it keeps its cool. Now, they can make one for ATI 1950 PRo, that would be cool.


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Apr 8, 2005
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Put a low noise fan on the back of your case to suck out the hot air and you might have something really good.


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Aug 29, 2006
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Now if they can manage that for an 8800GTX/S then they have something special.
Oct 1, 2006
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Saw it off the shelf today blah.
Inno3D is just not my cup of tea.
Sep 26, 2006
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lol Why? Inno 3D I-Chill is cool (no pun intended)

I would have went Inno 3D 7300GT GDDRIII 256MB (With the same motherboard; for SLI, yes a 975/X chipset motheboard supporting SLI is unheard of). But I had the money so I went X1950PRO. (My ATI'ness kicked in as well).

I wish I got a P5W DH Deluxe though (even though it performs crapper than this and is virtually like a paris hilton..it doesn't function properly with a lian li inverted case... okay.. maybe not).

Well good to know that it keeps its cool. Now, they can make one for ATI 1950 PRo, that would be cool.
They do :wtf:

Its like this:

Nvidia range = S1M and S2M
Ati: S1 and S2.

Yeah, get it? Its downright ugly IMHO.

Arctic cooling is making more profits than Zalman IMHO due to the fact that many good cooling solutions are manufactured by AC anyway. I like Zalman but their tech support is atrocious.... I mean... how the hell do I install the northbridge with the wrong type of clips? Zalman should have provided two sets of them all people could use them.

Off topic: Is a Thermalright HR-05 good? Thermalright is always right! With most of their coolers topping as the best (over zalman). Nickel plated paradise! Reason is that my Northbridge won't fit (I need mirrored hooks dammit!)
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Dec 14, 2006
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will people fuking stop putting i in front of their product names? it's become far to gay.


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Dec 21, 2005
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Off topic: Is a Thermalright HR-05 good? Thermalright is always right! With most of their coolers topping as the best (over zalman). Nickel plated paradise! Reason is that my Northbridge won't fit (I need mirrored hooks dammit!)
i have the hr-05sli on my dfi ultra-d. chipset is at 1.8v and sits about 32c. 1.5v on the stock cooler was 55!

edit: i just looked in the box for my cooler and it has the right hooks for ya!