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I need some help, if there is anything like what I need, point me in right direction PLZ

Feb 19, 2006
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Dyer, TN
System Name POS built from new and used parts from everywhere in pieces cheap
Processor Amd Ryzen R5 3600X $180 used off Ars and a 3900X is only 5-8fps faster in games, so y spend more $$$
Motherboard msi x570 gaming edge wifi $180 refurb off Amazon
Cooling Noctua NH-D14 used off ebay for $65
Memory G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB DDR4 3600mhz $85 off Amazon
Video Card(s) XFX RX 5700 XT
Storage 1 tb ssd, 4 tb spinner, 4 tb spinner, 5 tb spinner, 2tb spinner, 4tb External
Display(s) 2 50" "chap" Hisense TV's
Case Cooler Master Kick butt case.
Audio Device(s) Marantz SR-5010
Power Supply Corsair RM1000x Modular Got manufacture refurbished for $85 Shipped on Amazon
Mouse Elecom Huge Marble Mouse $35 off ebay used and worth every penny!
Keyboard Cheap Gofreetech Mechanical I got for $16 off Eblay
Software Windows 10 Pro Bought key for $20 off HRK
Benchmark Scores It does something, plays games and stuff, do I really need to whip out my score penis at you?
I have several receivers, but my main one hooked to my pc right now is a Onkyo RZ810. I absolutely hate the fact that pretty much all receivers amde with 4K in them, all manufactures have ditched the 5.1/7.1 analog in, opting for just outs. This does me no good at all when I want to pc game with some older titles, or ones that dont have a 5.1 or 7.1 option under audio. Only a very very few have this option, and without it, then it only outputs in stereo either through hdmi or spdif. So I was thinking of hooking up a 2nd receiver, my sony, that doesnt have hdmi, but has 2 sets of analog ins. So what Im looking to do is try and find a switch that will take in 2 sets of speaker inputs from both my amps, but switch between the 2 so Im only using one set of speakers, for I dont really want to have 14 sets of speakers all around me.

So what I want to do is run my 7.1 from my onkyo, and 7.1 from my sony, into a switch, and can go back and forth with depending on what amp I am using. Im not sure if anything like this is even made for what I want to do, for I googled, and went on ebay and amazon looking for something like this, but cannot seem to find it, heck they prolly dont make anything like this, and Im the only nut wanting, or looking for something like this for all I know.

But Im open to suggestions if you know of such thing, or a work around that I can put together or buy to do this. I have bad butt speakers, all matching, with a great polk sub, and I dont want to have to get more speakers again, just for one amp, that will only be used for its analog 5.1/7.1 inputs so I can game on it. I love my Onkyo, but dang, why they got to ditch that kind of input, and please dont make me laugh suggesting I get a Logitech speaker setup and put that around me, for Id rather then just play in stereo, for at least my walls will rattle when thing blow up, or guns go off :p

I tried to see if there was a analog 5.1/7.1 to hdmi converter, but they make only ones to rip that audio from a hdmi source, but not the other way around.

TIA, and look forward to what some of you may come up with. im pretty good with the McGyver stuff, but cannot wrap my head around how to do this one :(

Well, decided the heck with it, and as much as I just LOOOOOOOVe my Onkyo, it will not work here by my desk. Going back to my Denon AVR-1910 for it has 4 hdmi and the analogs in. I have a Xbox one, 360 wii u, nvidia shield, 2 tap decks, PS2, laser disc, and a 300 disc sony dvd player going to it, figured out with the several switches I have in analog and hdmi, I can still hook all this crap up to the denon unit. So my son is tearing it all apart, and gonna miss the 130+ watts rms my onkyo has, and have to live with 90 again :(
But at least everything will work as intended, pc games now as well too after we are done.

My son will be happy for then he gets the Onkyo back in the living room he plays his xbox one x at. Sorta sad day for Jay.