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I think I got conned in 2006 -- my monitor wasn't what it had been advertised to be?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Black Panther, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Black Panther

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    May 30, 2007
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    To recapitulate an old story, November 2006 I bought a MAG 19" TFT LCD for $300 (keep in mind that locally here pc items and peripherals are often nearly twice as much as in the US :( )

    After 3 months, I got a dead pixel. Not a big deal. But a couple of weeks later another dead pixel developed... and guess where? Right next to the first dead pixel obviously (Murphy's Law?) so I got one big black dot on the centre left of my monitor. After a couple more weeks, some 3 black dots more appeared on the centre to the left. Not next to each other this time.

    So since I have a 3 year warranty for a minimum of 3 dead pixels I took my monitor for RMA to my local dealer.

    After a couple of months with no reply, I went there and asked them about it. It turned out that since my dealer wasn't the agent who directly imports them, they had sent my rma'd monitor to the guys who import them from abroad. Those guys then returned the monitor to my dealer telling him that though it was true that I had 5 defects they were not classified as dead pixels as stated in the warranty but were only partially faulty and so not covered by the warranty... :rolleyes:

    My dealer told me that he wasn't accepting such solution - a faulty pixel is faulty with guarantee he told me, and they couldn't argue that since each pixel was like one 30% faulty, the other 60% faulty... that they could get out of the warranty agreement. So he sent my monitor back to the agents.

    Now all along, in the meantime he gave me another 19" monitor to use while mine was rma'd. An Olidata. As soon as I plugged this old thing into my pc I was amazed with the response time. My games no longer ghosted. Heck with the MAG I couldn't even use the scroll wheel on my mouse comfortably not even on an internet forum because the picture got smeared so much it made me dizzy! So I thought wow this is perfect...

    Later on I went to my dealer for some other thing, and I told him how much better the picture of the Olidata is than that of the MAG, and I wished I'd keep the Olidata even if the MAG got repaired/replaced! He told me the Olidata is much older than the MAG and was I sure... but said that if I really wanted I could keep the Olidata. I didn't commit myself but so far I'm still using the Olidata...

    Well sorry this is getting long but the post wouldn't make sense without the preliminaries... and the story is interesting isn't it? :rolleyes: :p

    Anyway I was talking to a friend on a gaming forum, and she found the link for my 19" Olidata: http://www.lengin.com.tw/LCD19_2.htm

    :eek: Imagine my surprise when I saw the specifications! Contrast ratio 600:1...... response time 25ms?!?!?

    How on this green earth does this Olidata monitor barely ghost at all at 25ms while the MAG was nearly unbearable at 6ms?

    Just to note, the MAG was my first ever TFT LCD monitor. At that time I had nothing to compare to. Yeah sadly I had been thinking that all LCD's gave such lousy performance...

    I have tried to search the MAG's specs on the net. Now I'm feeling VERY doubtful of that little peelable sticker on the frame which said '6ms'. However I do not know the model number, just that it was 19" and that the frame was silver and didn't have speakers.

    I found this site http://www.lcdnfo.com/html/lcd-monitors-mag.html My MAG looks disturbingly much like the HD972 models.... :wtf:

    6ms my @$$....... :shadedshu
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  2. Duffman

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    Dec 5, 2007
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    that's a bummer. I'm not familliar with either brand so i can't comment on them. I say if you are happy with the Olidata, keep it.

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