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IBM Seeks to Place Commercials Inside DVD Movies


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Jul 9, 2006
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This will cause more people to pirate.. just dl the movie, edit so theres no interuptions and burn it to dvd :p


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Jul 16, 2007
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it's already been done, atleast in bollywood, was watching a hindi movie over the weekend, the intermission was basically like 5 different ads strung together with a slide saying intermission that appear for 5 seconds before the ads.


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Jul 30, 2007
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Judging my your statements, there is nothing we can do anyway. It is going to happen either way, so why freak out about it? All you are doing is wasting your breath.

What was the last DVD you bought that was put out by IBM? What was the last DVD you bought that IBM had anything to do with at all?...
I am most certain studios will begin to include this "technology" into DVDs. Did you bother to read the patent? Call me crazy, and apparently many others here who feel the same way, but I don't care to pay more for a DVD. It's the sole reason I don't buy any of the HD stuff. $30 for a movie? Now for a typical DVD, we'll pay extra for commercial free. And there is something to do about it, NOT BUY IT.

I don't exactly follow your logic about IBM having anything to do with DVDs or studios not caring about ad revenue... That must be why studios continually have product placements in the movies, or why I see Coke and Ford commercials amongst studio trailers at the theater. Either way, IBM has a new means for studios to include commercials and a means to charge consumers a fee to not view them on top of whatever they charge retailers for advertising. And they will sell this to any bidding studio.