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Intel Officially Announces Marvel Avengers Collectors Edition KA Series Processors


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Mar 31, 2020
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We previously reported on the leaked listings for the upcoming Intel KA series processors from a Vietnamese retailer. Intel has now officially unveiled the chips and provided some extra details on the collaboration. The Intel KA series of processors are identical to their K series siblings apart from the Marvel Avengers box branding. Intel is reportedly launching five models from their i5, i7, and i9 lineups the Intel Core i5-10600KA, i7-10700KA, i9-10850KA, and i9-10900KA. The box artwork was designed by painter/muralist Tristan Eaton, Intel didn't announce pricing or availability for the lineup.

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Nov 11, 2004
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When all else fails, make a gimmicky partnership/co-branding...
Aug 13, 2010
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This is where memes come to die.

What happened to good old game bundle collaboration, Intel?
Sep 17, 2014
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The box art was designed by who? It looks like a bad, overcrowded Photoshop!

Oh wow... so there is an actual market for this, apparently. Faith in humanity -100
Mar 28, 2020
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I doubt this will have an impact on sales to the enthusiast market which this fancy processor box is targeting.
May 28, 2020
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oh wow cool box with my favowite super hewoes! gimme gimme gimme! what's a CPU anyway?
Sep 6, 2013
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That's a really, really ugly box.
Aug 13, 2009
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Let me get this right: this is the same CPU in a differently stylized paper box, right? Right? :confused::confused::confused:
Mar 10, 2010
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Mar 7, 2011
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Word का(ka) in Marathi language translates to - Why in english. So quite approriate labeling for pointless marketting or pointless CPUs.

Easy Rhino

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Nov 13, 2006
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Apparently this is the only CPU that allows you to beat Thanos.
Jan 11, 2005
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i can say only one word ...marvelous !
May 18, 2009
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Reminds me of Tommy Boy when he makes reference about taking a shit and slapping a guarantee on the box.

May 31, 2016
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Maybe this Avengers Intel box is saying that the processor you buy will be just as unpredictable as the Avengers?
Dec 15, 2006
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It WOULD be kinda cool if the IHS was anodized with a fancy design, or at least etched in monochrome. But I guess a box is good enough for some people.
Apr 12, 2013
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Let me get this right: this is the same CPU in a differently stylized paper box, right? Right? :confused::confused::confused:
Of course not, it's from the alternate timeline. Focus people, come on focus o_O

See the source image
May 31, 2017
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Judging by the logos at the bottom of the image, does this come with the upcoming Avengers game? It's so bizarre though. :confused:
Jun 2, 2017
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They are brazen enough to call it exactly what it is. Not box art but packaging.


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Jun 23, 2007
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That's a really, really ugly box.

80's design ?, WOW hell no sure don't look at the box it gets put away but dam NO it's bad enough for me not buy it.

Pandering much.

So they labeled their product with some thing i want nothing to do with ?, awesome well done Intel.
Apr 19, 2013
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To make matters worse, they put Kamala Khan front and centre with... Iron Man?! Damn, why not go all they way and replace the latter with Captain Marvel?! I mean, both comics are bleeding numbers and both "heros" are universally despised by comic fans, so I guess why not Intel, why not? :banghead:

Perhaps AMD needs to bring back Ruby and modernize her to reflect the CPU market.
Feb 18, 2012
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