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Intel's Arc A380 Performs Even Worse With an AMD CPU


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Apr 9, 2010
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warning extreme anger ahead
TS NOT THE FUCKING DRIVERS you stupid !##sad9!
its the fucking intel 12th gen vs last gen AMD

why are we still here
we are talking about 5-8FPS when tested at 1080p the intel i5 12400 cpu is pretty much YOU GUESSED IT 5-8 FPS faster then a 5600 and thats when tested with a fking 3080
you people are fking idiots and should never post anything ever again because you can't be bothered to stop and spend 60 fucking nanoseconds doing some basic googling and math

also the A380 is barely keeping up with a GTX1650 a fucking entry level card from 3 years ago why the fuck are we not discussing that
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Sep 17, 2014
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also the A380 is barely keeping up with a GTX1650 a fucking entry level card from 3 years ago why the fuck are we not discussing that
Well thats it, this is yet another article about the infinite number of items an A380 is worse on or with :D
Aug 20, 2007
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No shit sherlock because amd cpus are a bit slower in cpu bound 1080p tests then the latest from intel with the exception of the 5800X3D
nothing todo with drivers you are testing at 1080p where you are cpu limited the system with the faster cpu/buss will always win

why tpu keeps posting this clickbait bullshit targeted at stirring up the uninformed is beyond me
They should compare to say a 9900k or similar skylake with rebar, and see if the trend holds.