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Interactive Roto VR Chair to Start Rolling Out in February 2018

Sep 22, 2017
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Elliott Myers and the team behind the Roto VR chair are pleased to announce that developer kits of their ground-breaking interactive Roto VR Chair - Roto VR, are rolling off the production line and beginning to ship to development studios worldwide. Roto VR will begin shipping to consumers in February, 2018.

"The team have been working around the clock to get Roto VR final and shipment ready" commented Elliott Myers, CEO and creator of Roto VR "We've taken our time to ensure a top quality final product and I'm thrilled to confirm that units are beginning to ship, we will move to full production and all consumer orders will be fulfilled in early 2018. We're super hyped because we know Roto VR will usher in a new era of unparalleled 360 VR immersion - and it's affordable."

It has been quite the journey for Roto VR since the first announcement back in 2015. Originally pitched as an Interactive VR Chair for VR games, the scope of the project has expanded to an incredible degree. Roto VR is now compatible with, compliments and enhances all AR, VR, 360 hardware AND software out of the box (except for PSVR).

"It's certainly not just about gaming, we are fortunate to have a unique insight into a wide range of complimentary businesses / concepts," noted Elliott Myers. "For example:
  • Blue chip companies are looking to VR to boost their brands as well as productivity
  • Game arcades, shopping malls, hotels, airports and internet cafes are starting to adopt VR to boost business
  • Universities, schools, movie theatres and stadiums are looking to transition towards interactive seating
  • E-Sports, Theme Parks, Travel Agencies and Property Developers are investing VR for new customer engagement
We can't wait to see how profoundly Roto VR is going to help to shape the landscape of seated interactivity worldwide."

Roto VR chair can be ordered from the official website.

More On Roto VR
Roto VR Chair has been designed for VR, AR and 360 content from the ground up physically rotating users in the real world while matching their movements in virtual reality. Roto VR Chair seamlessly adds a greater sense of immersion to ALL VR experiences.

By matching physical movements to those experienced in the virtual world, players' eyes and inner-ear balance detectors are in sync making VR feel much more real while addressing many of the inherent challenges associated with VR headsets - tangling cables, motion sickness, comfort and safety.

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Hmm.. to be honest was expecting this to be way more expensive. Full package is $1500. That seems reasonable?
Jun 5, 2017
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$1500 for a chair... that has attached pedals that can spin with you.... then another $300 for a VR headset and another $1400 for a PC that can run it.
Sep 11, 2015
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I want a stationary chair like that without rolls on it. Where can I buy one that doesn't cost 1.5k??
Sep 17, 2014
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I want a stationary chair like that without rolls on it. Where can I buy one that doesn't cost 1.5k??
Just switch the rollers to ones that don't blend well with your flooring, and they won't roll :) Costs you 25 bucks for a set and there are two types, carpet and hard optimized ;) Most regular office chairs can just swap those toolless, just click in.

At least that's how I roll... or don't actually

That said, the idea of this chair is nice, as it mixes the mobility of VR with the comfort of a chair, something I think VR needs for quite a few applications.
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This kinda defeats the purpose of room scale VR, which is getting lazy ass off the chair and actually move around to game.
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if i can have it w/o vr stuff for 40-50% of the price i am in
Feb 18, 2005
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This kinda defeats the purpose of room scale VR, which is getting lazy ass off the chair and actually move around to game.
Room-scale VR is a royal pain in the you-know-what to setup, it takes a lot of space, it's bulky and uncomfortable, being tethered is extremely limiting, I could go on...

Customers want VR, they don't want hassle. That's why VR/AR will continue to be a novelty until it becomes small and unobtrusive enough to be just another component of an ordinary PC.
Jul 16, 2016
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Why? Can get a nice La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair @ Amazon for under $300.

Another cash grab product for elitist snobs.
Dec 15, 2006
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This kinda defeats the purpose of room scale VR, which is getting lazy ass off the chair and actually move around to game.
Good.... I never wanna get outta my chair anyways.... That's why I work lol.
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Hmm.. to be honest was expecting this to be way more expensive. Full package is $1500. That seems reasonable?
Looks like one of them sex toys, you get strapped into, just a chair is all


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Dam hell no costs way to much, looks like a dentists chair.

This kinda defeats the purpose of room scale VR, which is getting lazy ass off the chair and actually move around to game.
Kinda hard to walk around in a car while driving ;).
Oct 30, 2008
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Gaming chairs always suck so much when it comes to quality and longevity. Always use a design that doesn't reinforce the back or the arms. Either one becomes a weak point that breaks.

The pads like most office chairs are made of and go flat in no time.

They never address the heat issue and are often bad with cooling.

All about strapping a race car chair onto some wheels. Never really address the problems with their design.