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Interesting observation on Rosetta@home work I've done

Oct 2, 2004
13,791 (2.59/day)
I know this isn't F@H, but it's a similar project with similar goal and I just observed something fascinating that I wanted to share with all you "folders" :)

I've been using Rosetta@home for years, spanning back in the days of Athlon XP I believe. And I've done 250.000 units of work through the entire time of on and off use of it through the years. And when I was running it back then, I used to run it at full blast for days on a CPU.

I've decided to run it again in mid February 2018. Fast forward to roughly month later of mid March 2018 when I reached 300.000 work units, meaning I've done 50.000 units of work in just 1 month by running CPU at mere 10% load across all 12 threads.

What's fascinating is that I've done 1/6th of ALL work from the entire time on Rosetta@home project in a single month while running a high end CPU at only 10% workload.

This is just amazing if you think about it. Feels kinda good doing so much work without even making CPU to sweat and while I haven't checked, I doubt electrical bill is even affected much. :)
Jul 2, 2008
7,117 (1.80/day)
Hillsboro, OR
System Name Main/DC
Processor i7-3770K/i7-2600K
Motherboard MSI Z77A-GD55/GA-P67A-UD4-B3
Cooling Phanteks PH-TC14CS/H80
Memory Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB (2 x 8GB) LP /4GB Kingston DDR3 1600
Video Card(s) Asus GTX 660 Ti/MSI HD7770
Storage Crucial MX100 256GB/120GB Samsung 830 & Seagate 2TB(died)
Display(s) Asus 24' LED/Samsung SyncMaster B1940
Case P100/Antec P280 It's huge!
Audio Device(s) on board
Power Supply SeaSonic SS-660XP2/Seasonic SS-760XP2
Software Win 7 Home Premiun 64 Bit
GTX280/285 (8000 PPD)
GTX 260 (216sp) (7000 PPD)
9800GTX+ (6200 PPD)
9800GTX (6000 PPD)
8800GTS 512 (5800 PPD)
8800GT/9800GT (4500 PPD)
8800GTS 320/640 (4000 PPD)
8800GS/9600GSO 384(avoid the 512mb or DDR2 versions) (3800 PPD)
Now compare that to today's GPU's:

A GTX 980 will do 400,000 PPD
A GTX 980 Ti will do 600,000 PPD
A GTX 1080 Ti will do 1,000,000 PPD
Mar 10, 2010
6,227 (1.87/day)
Manchester uk
System Name RyzenGtEvo
Processor Amd R5 2600X@4.1
Motherboard Crosshair hero7 @bios 1201
Cooling 360EK extreme rad+ 360$EK slim all push, cpu Monoblock Gpu full cover all EK
Memory Gigabyte Aurus Rgb 16Gb in two sticks.
Video Card(s) Sapphire refference Rx vega 64 waterblockedEK
Storage Samsung Nvme Pg981 samsung 840, WD 1Tb+2Tb +3Tbgrn, 1tb seagate sshd hybrid(games)
Display(s) Samsung uea28"850R 4k freesync, LG 49" 4K 60hz ,Oculus
Case Lianli p0-11 dynamic
Audio Device(s) Xfi creative 7.1 on board ,Yamaha dts av setup, corsair void pro
Power Supply corsair 1200Hxi
Mouse Roccat Kova
Keyboard Roccat Iksu force fx
Software Win 10 Pro
Benchmark Scores 8056 vega 3dmark timespy
Now compare that to today's GPU's:

A GTX 980 will do 400,000 PPD
A GTX 980 Ti will do 600,000 PPD
A GTX 1080 Ti will do 1,000,000 PPD
Exactly this i had a q6600 and 2x5870 to do my first million over a year or two maybe more on Fah but the two polaris i ran at the end did millions in a year , like way over 10x what i had done, I'll get some more points on fah soon maybe bro im dying to see what the cards i have would do :D