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Internet Bandwidth Slow....

May 24, 2007
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Power Supply Corsair RM Series 850 Watt ATX/EPS 80PLUS Gold-Certified Power Supply - CP-9020056-NA RM850
Software Windows 10.0 Pro 64 Bit
I just recently moved into my new apartment and my bandwidth seems to have slowed down to what seems like a DSL connection (It was my understanding that it would be faster, this complex has T1.)

I hope it is a port problem but can anyone help me or give me tips on how to increase bandwidth please? I don't want to accept the fact that since everyone is sharing this connection it is slow... :twitch:


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Aug 27, 2006
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Check your wires, too many branch lines in your appartment could be dropping your line voltage. If you measure it it should be above 46 volts, Idealy 56 volts. If you can get a direct wire line to the T1 connection at the Telephone junction interface, that would be best; use a second pair of wires for your phone jacks.

Feb 19, 2007
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i believe t-1 is actually only 1.5mbps down... dsl is faster (in most cases) t1's are simply dedicated...and if your sharing it with 100 others...good luck
Dec 5, 2006
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Thats it T1's are capped at 1.5mbps down 1.5mbps up now they are bi-directional and support many more simultaneous connections but they are more for servers and such and really are not that un-godly fast for home users.

Obviously also it being the buildings line, it is chopped up between different connections so....

run a test at speedtest.net and post your results.