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Internet goes down every hour or so, not a loss of connection though...


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Sep 18, 2006
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For the past few weeks I've been losing my internet connection about halfway through game demo downloads and randomly during web surfing. I've tried both the wireless connection i have on my desktop as well as the wired one and neither have ever "lost their connection" to the router but my internet just disappears. Most of the time it can be fixed by unplugging the router and my cable modem then plugging in the modem until all the led's light up then then power up the router. A few days ago even that wouldn't fix it, so we assumed it was a problem on time warner's end since the Koreans were doing cyber attack or something at that time. However, after a day and a half or trying to cycle power we eventually called time warner who reset out modem, which didn't work, then we plugged the Ethernet cable to our downstairs computer (which has had similar connection problems during gaming but not web browsing) directly into the modem and restarted it got internet. An hour or so latter we reset the settings on our router to default and the world was right again. Today though I'm still having the same problems as before, with only pulling the power on the router and modem fixing it. We've had this problem before and though it was our old Linksys wrt11g router so we replaced it with a highly rater WRT54GL which fixed the problem for a while, but i don't know what's wrong now. When i cycle jut the power on the router it doesn't fix it, but if i do the modem too then it works...does that mean that our modem is faulty? T Hanks in advance for any help you can provide!


Call your isp and tell em you need a tech to come test out the signal strength of your modem. Could be the time of day, to many people on your hub? You've update the firmware for your routers? Its just everything timing out, could try doing the average mtu tweaks.
Mar 2, 2008
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Exact thing was happening to me, ended up being the connection from the wall was having an issue. I'd recommend having Time Warner send a tech out to you, I dislike Time Warner but it's the only halfway decent connection I can get where I'm located.