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internet security is it worth to buy?

Oct 28, 2018
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comodo doesn't seem to be that bad...

I've attached my config file if anyone wants it, but remember to remove password after importing.


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Mar 18, 2015
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I'm glad you posted that follow up. What sets Comodo apart from the rest is it first-class firewall which replaces the built in Windows firewall and does a much better job managing programs/apps and what each does/doesn't have access to.
Don't all the majors do that now ?


I also love the built in application updater ... advises ya when anything is outta data ... and then you choose what if anything to do about it.

Windows Defender. I like to run my OS as clean and with as few third party apps as possible. Served me very well over the years, too. No hassle, and no compatibility issues whatsoever. I had more problems with third party AVs than I ever had with WD. If you compare AVs these days, they perform so close to one another, you should just get the one that feels best for your use case. Its no longer a very relevant argument to say 'this one has better protection'. They all (or most) tick all of the necessary boxes.
As long as the user is aware of the context ... it's all a measure of the risk you want to take. For example..... 96.7% don't sound so bad but hhen there's 21,257 samples used, but that means it didn't detect 701 malware attacks


Defender has made great strides in the detection end, but it's is still weak on 0 day attacks. Performance on app loads and installations is weak. I would advise a user buying a high end SSD "for his apps" to use something w/ less impact

We have five or six PCs in our house, all running Windows 10/Defender, with no third party anti-virus and we've had no problems at all. Defender is lightweight, doesn't get in your face and it's effective, with the odd false positive from time to time.
It really depends on what kind of family protection you're looking for.
I don't roll my eyes anymore, but have been hearing "it's fine" for years and that just wasn't the case. I couldn't recommend it till 2018.. My S-I-L had her lappie in here twice , 1st time (2015) w/ 1200+ infections... , 2nd time (2016) was only like 412 ... she used Defender but that was a while back ... out of a best score of 6.0, its scores are in parenthesis below

2014 (0/0) https://www.av-test.org/en/antiviru...r-2014/microsoft-windows-defender-4.4-144071/
2015 (3.5) https://www.av-test.org/en/antiviru...r-2015/microsoft-windows-defender-4.8-153747/
2016 (3.0) https://www.av-test.org/en/antiviru...-2016/microsoft-windows-defender-4.10-164047/
2017 (5.0) https://www.av-test.org/en/antiviru...-2017/microsoft-windows-defender-4.11-174047/
2018 (5.5) https://www.av-test.org/en/antiviru...-2018/microsoft-windows-defender-4.18-184014/

My boxes are on a SOHO network, so I'm not gonna use anything but 6.0 / 6.0 / 6.0 for the work end and since it's a site license, it's great deal as business pays for it at $6 a seat or so, depending on how ya grab it and how useful the other features are. As long as ya backing up anything important... and a OS reinstall is a risk willing to take cause it's just "your time", 5.5 rating is safe enough. Outside the AV end tho... one should consider the extra features. Software Updating, Firewall, webcam protection,"gaming mode", "battery mode"

In short, it's no longer a scary though in a post 2108 situation.... as long as there's a "qualified user only" policy on who can use the computer. The other scary user base are those that are unable to resist clicking on any box that says "FREE". I had a power plant opertator who decided to get a FREE VIRUS SCAN, and it took out the powerplant's monitoring and control software ... utility had paid $60k for it and lost the disks. Took me 2 days to get working again, and still some data files were deleted that messed up the GUI.

So, yes.... no more eye rolling for Windows Defender these days, free is always good, tho if you can benefit from the other features, the ROI can be a big win for just a few bucks per seat and is worth a gander.
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Jul 5, 2013
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Don't all the majors do that now ?
Simple answer? No. Comodo's program management gives fine grained control over what is/isn't allowed to run, how it may run and even when if the user wants. Few others are doing this and I find it invaluable.

I don't roll my eyes anymore, but have been hearing "it's fine" for years and that just wasn't the case.
I agree with this..
I couldn't recommend it till 2018..
..but not this. I still can not, in good conscience, recommend Windows Defender being used as a primary/exclusive AV/AM. I can't even recommend it not being deleted from a system that comes into my shop.
Dec 11, 2018
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Hi,, i am thinking to buy the bitdefender internet security ,this program is heavy; does effect the performace of one computer;

from where can i test it; can i find one trial version? for this antivirus?

I had before the norton internet security but it couldn't find all the viruses and it was very heavy program
Did you try to find out more about AVAST or Malware bytes? We have tested them and they did quite good results. I could share some information, but I don't want to get banned...