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Is It possible to hook up a wireless camera to a network server?

Nov 7, 2007
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I have a question reguarding servers and networking. I need to know what type of classes i need to enroll in order to learn how to take say a video cammera that is on our house and then post it live to a server. At the same time i want to be able to take that same live footage and save it on the server for future use, for example being able to review it at a later date. I want to be able to log on to a server and watch my cammera say if im away from the house, or on vacation.
Aug 24, 2007
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Check out http://www.axis.com/, these guys are probably one of the bigger/better IP camera companies.

With regard to accessing you camera remotely:

1. Most IP cameras have an in built web server therefore you can access them directly from your LAn/the internet (just forward the necessary port on your router)

2. Most IP cameras allow their realtime footage to be embeded in a web page on any server (some simple HTML will be required)

3. Most IP cameras will have a setting to either autosave stills (BMP or JPG) or to save the video to a file on a local PC/Server which can then be accessed remotely from the internet if required.

With regard to classes to take.

Basic Networking, I would recommend Cisco approved courses if available (CCNA for example)
Basic web design/HTML