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Is it software or hardware I need ???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by trickson, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Got a new MB GA-EP45-UD3P ( Gigabyte ) installed vista after finding out XP disk is dead and all that . figured out how to get the raid working with out the need of XP and that F'ing flopy drive crap and well now the system seems to be running very slow ( or so it feels that way to me ) Not overclocking ( I really want to :ohwell: ) Also noticed that well Everest doesn't know what MB this is the sensor for the " CPU " is gone now just the 4 cores is showing .
    My RAM " the good Gskill 1066Mhz " is all dead now all I have is the DDR2 corsair 800 MHz stuff ! Now I am also getting windows 7 as well ( soon ) .

    Question 1 : why is it so slow ?

    Question 2 : why is Everest not showing the cache size of CPU now and no MB information ( name ) and no more CPU temp just the 4 CORE temps now and some other stuff ( never didn't do this before :laugh: )

    Question 3 : Looked at the Vendor list and well can seem to make any sense of it as to what I really need for this gaming system .

    Question 4 : any one think I should scrap this MB and just get my old one if I can ? As I got some rockin fast speed out of the CPU and I want that 4 GHz BACK NOW !!!!

    Also please note that I was unable to do the windows performance test for my score till I got SP2 installed It Aint never done that before neither ! :banghead:

    Any way thank you all for any help you can offer me up . :respect:
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