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Is SCSI for Nikon Film scanner + Firewire available today by any means?


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Jul 1, 2022
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I am long retired and last bought a system in 2006 which has recently failed (I am away from it at the moment so I cannot identify) but would like to put something together as a desktop and relatively economical. Number 1 support desire is Firewire, and Number 2 support is a way to still use my Nikon LS2000 negative and slide scanner. I don't want a gaming board, just something mediocre that will allow editing of videos. I am going through decades of family videos in negatives and tapes and editing various clips together so I don't want anything other than perhaps an improvement over my 2006 technology.

No the only reason I am bothering anyone here with this question is I read via a search where some people are still using Adaptec SCSI cards with their system and I'd like to do so too if possible. Also all my old video equipment works via FireWire. THANKS!

- modern CPU any kind that would work with the 2 named interfaces
- around 16G of memory
- nice SSD 1Tera or slightly larger if not too pricy
- motherboard with a suitable graphics card (no gaming needed)
- graphics with dual monitor support
- case with old-school open front supporting optical disks
- no lights flashing in fans or sleep depriving in nature
- Firewire
- USB 2 but mostly USB 3

Nice to have but not 100% necessary:
- perhaps a slide in 5" SATA hard drive slot
- front loading large SD card and USB 3 port on front
- eSata or external SATA port for old NAS 4 drive raid array with eSATA connector

OR if this is not the place to ask this favor, can you point me to a group that enjoys helping people design systems.

Jan 5, 2006
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Legacy SCSI on modern Windows is kind of a nightmare (though it can be done), but you should be able to get Firewire and eSATA easily enough via add-in cards. Everything else you're asking for is very doable, particularly through a system integrator like Puget Systems. There are many others, but PS probably has the best rep, though they don't come cheap.


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Jul 1, 2022
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OK, thanks. I've put systems together before but usually from a parts list and not trying to match things like chipsets to cards. Someone on another post here said they got the SCSI work with a VIA chipset. I'm not sure how to even find which MB have one and if any still do.
Jan 3, 2021
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That Adaptec SCSI card - you already have one, and it goes into a PCI slot, is that right? The additional hardware that you'll need is a PCIe-to-PCI adapter like this one or this one. On the software side, however, it may be tricky to make it work.

VIA chipsets are a thing of the remote past. Modern motherboards have chipsets of the same brand as the CPU.