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Issue Fan Control XFX HD 5970 + Afterburner

Sep 2, 2010
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My problem is that the card is at 25% (That's what CCC shows) and the CCC fan control dosn't work.

I updated the card's BIOS with the one provided by XFX, and now I can see the option in CCC but still the fan speed is at 25/30%.

I downloaded MSI Afterburner and now I can manually switch the fan speed, but the automatic mode doesn't work at all (That mode it's the one I'm interested in). MSI Afterburne shows the speed of the cooler always at 30% even when I switch the fan speed to, for example, 70%.

What can I do to get the automatic mode of the Afterburner working properly?
There is any way to make working the Fan control in CCC?



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Feb 1, 2007
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your not supposed to use CCC just install drivers. thats whats causing the problem.

make sure you have it user enabled to move the fan slider back and forth or it will do it automatically for you.

i don't know much about flashing so maybe another user can help yuo.