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iZ3D Announces a Demo Day at Fry’s Electronics and MicroCenter

Discussion in 'News' started by alexp999, Jan 29, 2009.

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    iZ3D, Inc., designer, developer and pioneer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, is pleased to announce that a hands on demonstration of it’s popular 22-inch switchable 3D/2D monitor display system will be featured at all Fry’s Electronics and MicroCenter stores this Saturday, January 31, 2009.

    The iZ3D display is the only true full resolution 3D display with a 170-degree 3D viewing angle so the whole family can play together. The only thing you need is a pair of iZ3D passive polarized glasses that virtually eliminate headaches, fatigue, or eye-strain common with other 3D displays. Three pairs of glasses are included with each monitor and additional pairs are available for $9.99. The company’s industry-leading 3D software display drivers are also included and offer users more software control over the 3D effect and the ability to toggle between 2D and 3D on the iZ3D monitor making it the ideal overall display solution for the home.

    Most popular games were created in 3D; players just couldn’t see the effect with a flat 2D monitor. Hundreds of off the shelf games are playable today in 3D with more games and movies arriving in 2009. As an industry leader, iZ3D offers the best 3D technical support and new driver releases of any 3D display maker. Plus it’s just more fun to play games and watch movies in 3D than in ordinary flat 2D!

    The live demos will be given at Fry’s Electronics and MicroCenter stores nationwide beginning this weekend. Fry’s Electronics stores are located in California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Nevada. Micro Center stores are located in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Consumers can easily find a listing of store locations and obtain information on iZ3D’s products and special offers at 3Drulez.com.

    The Plug n Play iZ3D 3D monitor package includes:
    • 22-inch wide screen 3D/2D keyboard switchable LCD monitor
    • 3 pairs of passive polarized 3D glasses (5 other models are
      available online)
    • iZ3D Stereoscopic 3D and Anaglyph 3D software drivers (other drivers are available online)
    • Power and video cables
    • Quick-start guide
    • Free membership into iZ3D’s upcoming 3D gaming network
    • 1 year warranty
    • Technical support and customer service

    Monitor specifications are:
    • 22-inch wide screen LCD
    • 1680 x 1050 resolution
    • Up to 170-degree 3D viewing angle
    • 5ms response time
    • 700:1 contrast ratio
    • 16.7-million colors
    • 300 nits

    iZ3D’s approach to stereoscopic 3D puts the 3D enabling technology in the display as opposed to other solutions that require users to wear the technology on their face. The iZ3D approach has the advantage of inexpensive multi-user social 3D experiences and headache-free viewing.

    The solution is compatible with 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems, games written for DirectX 8, 9, (and soon 10), and requires a graphics card with 2 video outputs (VGA, DVI, or HDMI). Most games written in the last six years are already designed for 3D, but have until now lacked a way of displaying them properly. Games that have been tested by iZ3D, MTBS, and customer testers can be found at 3Drulez.com.

    Availability and Pricing

    The iZ3D 22-inch monitor has a new manufacturers suggested resale price of $399.00 and is currently available at Fry’s Electronics and Micro Centers as well as online stores including staples.com, frys.com, newegg.com, amazon.com, pcmall.com, criticalbuy.com, iz3d.com, and other online shopping sites.

    iZ3D Version 1.09 Driver is available at iz3d.com. The standard iZ3D S-3D output and anaglyph output are included with an iZ3D monitor purchase. All other drivers can be purchased at $49.99 per output.

    In cooperation with AMD and ATI, iZ3D is also exclusively offering an ATI 3D DLP output free to AMD customers. Additionally, for a limited time, iZ3D is also offering a $50.00 rebate to ATI Radeon customers that purchase an iZ3D monitor. For more information visit 3Drulez.com.
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    We have one of thease demo'd at work on one of our gaming machines, i must say from personal experiance that it is a sight to see and definitly neat. mirrors edge looks great in 3D as well as crysis. it makes it seem like everything has real depth inside the screen. :rockout:
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    hey wait send them to BBY you aholes i want to play with one
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