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Just wanted to say...

May 2, 2020
303 (8.42/day)
System Name BloodRage
Processor R5 2600X PBO enabled
Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus B450 Elite
Cooling Arctic Esports Duo
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000
Video Card(s) Gigabyte Aorus RX 5700-XT
Storage 120GB PNY SATA + 1TB WD Blue M.2
Display(s) HP 24FW
Case CiT cheap chassis
Audio Device(s) Creative Audigy FX
Power Supply Superflower Leadex III Gold 650w
Mouse Razer Basilisk
Keyboard Red Dragon Kumara
Software Win 10
I apologize for my outrageous behavior yeserday, i was in 1 bad mood and should never have really been here if i can't control myself.

Regardless of if a person is having a go at me with no reason to do so, i should not fall lower or extend the same attitude in retaliation.

It is a stressful time for everyone not just myself.

In regards to my problems, i was able to remedy it.

Thanks to all who did try to help regardless and there is no ill feelings or resentment held from me with anyone.

Also awesome moderators here... respectful and are very leniant, i need to learn more respect for this place.
Nov 24, 2018
687 (1.23/day)
south wales uk
System Name 1. The Devils Dialysis VR rig 2. intel teliscope rig 3.MSI GP72MVR Leopard Pro .
Processor 1.2700x @4.2 2. i7 7700k @5. 3. i7 7700hq
Motherboard 1.aorus b450 elite 2. z270-a asus prime
Cooling 1.soft tube loop, cpu and gpu 2. soft loop cpu only
Memory 1.hyperx preditor @3600 16gb 2.vengence 32gb @3000 3. 16gb hyperx @2400
Video Card(s) 1.MSI 1080 8gb with EKWB 2. Sapphire Nitro+ rx580 8gb @1450 3. gtx 1060 3gb
Storage 1.256gb M.2,500gb ssd, 2 3tb HDs 2. 256gb ssd, 2tb 3. 256 m.2. 1tb ssd
Display(s) 1.LG 50inch UHD , oculus rift VR headset with touch. 2 SONY bravia1080p flat pannel 3. 17 inch
Case 1. Thermaltake P5 2. loop
Audio Device(s) 1 Onboard 2 Onboard 3 Onboard
Power Supply 1.seasonic gx 850w 2. thermaltake 600w rbg
Mouse 1 ROG Gladius 2 Corsair m65 pro
Keyboard 1. ROG Strix Flare 2. Corsair F75 RBG 3. steelseries RBG
Software 1. win 10 enterpise 2. win10 pro 3, win10 home
Benchmark Scores 1.1950 cb 2. 1106 cb 3.cb 970
well said buddy.
May 12, 2017
881 (0.79/day)
No worries, we all sometimes have a bad day. I take my frustration out on my keyboard, now I'm missing the question mark key. I'm blaming lack of entertainment as I'm missing my favourite sport (F1).
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