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Kingston V300 120GB_kernel power?


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Jan 1, 2010
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Recently I replaced hdd with Kingston V300 120GB SSD, this is only change I've made to my pc, also pc works ok with my hdd back in .. now, ssd with windows 7 x64 with just necessary drivers performs quite fast, but random restarts are giving me headache, event log always says: kernel power 41 (63) and nothing else, also nothing prevents auto restart, even uncheck auto restart and create minidump did not help, on one occasion I've seen BSOD 0x9c, still no minidump .. that BSOD points to mailfunction hardware, so I replace ram, sata cables, disable all hdd's, fresh windows install, checked hardware temperature, checked ssd with hdtune, stress test with everest, flash bios, nothing provokes kernel power error, it comes randomly every 2-4 hours when surfing, typing etc.
Now I'm back to hdd and there's no kernel power error, does anyone have any clue why this ssd wont work with my config? .. I guess it is ssd because I dont know what else to do.

gigabyte p55-udr3
i5 750
gigabyte gtx560
4gb ddr3
corsair 550W