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Kraken X40/60 owners hangout

Jan 28, 2009
325 (0.10/day)
System Name Harley
Processor Intel core i7 3820
Motherboard ASRock Extreme6 X79
Cooling NZXT Kraken X60
Memory Geil Enhance Corsa DDR3 1600+ 16GB
Video Card(s) EVGA SuperClocked GTX Titan
Storage OCZ Vertex4 128GB SSD / Toshiba 7200 2TB HDD
Display(s) Crossover 30" 2560x1600
Case CoolerMaster HAF XB - Custom Modded
Audio Device(s) n/a
Power Supply CoolerMaster Silent Pro Hybrid 1300w
Software Win7 64
NZXT Kraken X40 and X60​

If you own one of these, post your setup along with temps you are getting.
I'd also like to see how accurate the software control NZXT provided is.


My X60 sitting on a 3820 on stock clocks:

I replaced the two fans with 4 yate loon high speeds (140cfm) in a push-pull config, taking cool air in from the bottom of my HAF XB case.

I've yet to install realtemp to see accurate temps, at stock or overclocker, so all I have to go on is the software that came with it and it seems off a bit.

Will get things downloaded and tested this weekend.