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Laptop audio whine while charging

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Soylent Joe, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Soylent Joe

    Soylent Joe

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    My dad has an Asus G73Jh that we got off craigslist a few weeks back. The GPU is faulty and when it's under load the system shuts off, but that's a separate problem. We hooked it up to the TV to watch a movie with the video going through VGA and the audio going to the AV receiver via 3.5mm to RCA. While charging a quite loud squealing/whining sound can be heard, and there is some faint static horizontal lines in the middle of the picture. When you unplug the charger both effects vanish. I also noticed on a recent road trip that something similar happens with my Acer netbook. While plugged into the power inverter, a squealing could be heard through the headphones.

    What could be causing this? Possibly sound drivers or "dirty" power coming from the source or chargers?
  2. robal


    Aug 5, 2008
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    Modern chargers are all "switched-mode" type. If they're low quality (or old), they can geterate quite a lot of noise on their output, causing interference and such noise. ("dirty power")

    Car 12V -> mains AC inverter is even more noisy, and that's typical.

    While I cannot guarantee it, there's very good chance that the problem will go away if you get another charger (same specs!).

    Does your laptop use 12V or 19V charger ?
    If you use 12V, you can easily bypass noise inverter in car by using direct cable.
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