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Larrabee driver team is different from the IGP one



Thank God

Larrabee has at least one positive thing that surrounds this mystery product. This multi core mystery GPU / computational chip actually has its own driver team.

Intel is still not happy with the number of people that it has as it wants more. This driver will be the toughest part of Larrabee birth and we can assure you that this new Intel GPU attempt will have many driver issues. Just think for a second how many games is out on the market and how many new games will be out from today till 2010 when this chip allegedly has to arrive.

We are talking about tens of thousands of games that might have compatibility and speed problems but Intel will naturally focus on top 20 and try to make them as good as it possibly can.

This won’t change the fact that a semiconductor company never made money on its first chip and Intel’s 740i was a nice attempt that failed some ten years ago.

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Instead of asking everyone to thank you for copy/pasting things from Fudzilla every time you could try removing errors from the text first. 740i is a BMW.