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Editorial Lesson from the Crypto/DRAM Plagues: Build Future-Proof


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Aug 2, 2017
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There are some stores that will sell you a video card close to msrp if you build a whole system. I know that Micro Center is on of them.
Sadly not in my country yet, AFAIK. I actually think those kinds of "bundled" sells are illegal in Europe (if the bundle is tied to a mandatory buy, and if each parts bought alone are more expensive) - an thus in Switzerland... The only way to do something similar would be special rebates, but some coutries like France regulate them.

I'm no lawyer of course, so I might be wrong...
Feb 18, 2012
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a cripto m

lol, energy wasted without any mean, a crazy bubble that can explode and burn bilions of true money, creating a currency that is more and more concentrated in the hand of few people, a currency with no garanties, a currency that is not eaven a currency cause you cant ise it, no one whant to be payed in crypto.
A currency that is the distilles essens of the pure speculation.
You are fool, yes a fool if you think such a situation can last longer.
To be good a crypto must be, firs proof of stake, that can be a good to create opportunity tu earn money the way you earn interests. Must be guaranteed by someone, must be legal, spendable and accepted, the amount should not be fixed becaise other way this cripto will became again not a currency but a speculation instrument.
Why do you keep calling it a currency when you even said its not a currency.
I wont comment on what further you said because I dont know what your said.