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LG 17U70N-R.AAS8U1 laptop with i7-10510U CPU -- ThrottleStop advice


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May 25, 2022
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I'd like to request some advice as to how to best tweak ThrottleStop 9.4.6 for my system, an LG 17U70N-R.AAS8U1 laptop with an i7-10510U CPU.

Attached are screenshots of my ThrottleStop settings, HWiNFO report, and a simultaneous benchmark of both AIDA64 and Unigine Heaven, along with a ThrottleStop log created during the benchmark.

While on AC power, per the instructions in this "Laptop stress guide" video, AIDA64 Extreme version 6.70.600 was configured to do the System Stability Test with Stress CPU, FPU, and cache and Unigine Heaven 4.0 (Basic Edition) was configured to Quality Ultra, Tesselation Extreme, and Anti-aliasing x8, and both benchmarks were run simultaneously for around 15 minutes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • benchmarks--heaven-and-aida64--2022-05-25--084032.png
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  • throttlestop--options--2022-05-25--080517.png
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  • throttlestop--fivr--2022-05-25--080605.png
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  • throttlestop--tpl--2022-05-25--080717.png
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  • hwinfo--2022-05-25--081402.png
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  • thrtottlestop--heaven-aida64--2022-05-25.txt
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  • throttlestop--fivr-cpu-cache--2022-05-25--090729.png
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Your log file shows constant PL1 power limit throttling at 20W. If you want more performance, try increasing the Log Power PL1 power limit in the TPL window from 20W to 30W or 35W. Improved performance comes at a cost though. This will make your CPU run much hotter. Is that what you want?

I prefer to set IccMax for the core and the cache to the maximum value, 255.75. I also set Power Limit 4 in the TPL window to a value of 0. This eliminates the possibility of these settings limiting performance if you decide to go further.