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LG Electronics Unveils New ‘Super Multi Blue’ Dual-format Drive at 2007 International CES

Discussion in 'News' started by Darksaber, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Gmunden, Austria
    LG Electronics (LG), a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, today introduced Super Multi optical storage drives featuring enhanced flexibility for the next-generation DVD formats and security features at the 2007 International CES® (Booth #8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center).

    Key products from LG - the largest optical storage manufacturer in the world and the leading drive supplier in the U.S. - include the groundbreaking 'Super Multi Blue’ Blu-ray Disc Rewriter and HD DVD-ROM Drive (GGW-H10N) and the new Super Multi DVD Rewriter with Security Function featuring “SecurDisc” ™ technology co-developed with Nero.

    The Next Generation of Optical Storage
    LG Electronics offers flexibility to consumers in the next generation in optical disc drives. The GGW-H10N is compatible with both Blu-ray Discs and HD-DVD formats. The Super Multi Blue drive is compatible with Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD read/write and HD-DVD-ROM (read), offering consumers with the most universal unit available.

    The GGW-H10N can record up to 50GB of data, equivalent to 4-1/2 hours of high-definition video or 22 hours or standard definition video (on a dual layer 50GB BD-R/BD-RE recordable media). Surpassing the market standard, LG is providing a 4x recording speed of Blu-ray Discs, which means that it takes only 23-24 minutes to burn a full single layer BD-R disc (25GB), compared with 46-47 minutes for conventional 2x recording.

    The product will be released during the first quarter of 2007, priced under US $1,199. The core technologies of Super Multi Blue Drive are Optical Pickup* technology, which supports Blu-ray disc write/playback, HD DVD playback and DVD/CD write/playback, as well as the system controlling the Optical Pickup securely and effectively. All of these are LG’s proprietary technologies.

    The LG-developed Optical Pickup is the world’s first device supporting both Blu-ray disc write/playback, HD DVD playback, which proves the company’s unsurpassed technology in the optical storage field.

    Super Multi Blue, also available from LG Electronics in the first dual-format high-definition disc player (model BH-100) available in early 2007, is expected to end customers’ confusion caused by the format war between Blu-ray disc and HD DVD and promote the growth of next-generation DVD market. (See separate news release.)

    *Optical Pickup: The device reading and storing data by converting the code of the light reflected by an optical disc to electric code.

    A New Level of Security
    Using SecurDisc software co-developed with Nero, LG Electronics’ new Super Multi DVD Rewriter with Security Function meets the demand for enhanced features to enable secure data protection and content access control when writing data on CD and DVD formats. While some optical disc drives support password encryption as the only security function, LG Electronics’ new drive with Security Function offers multiple features to protect a disc at the user and storage level:

    ● Password Encryption – Protects user data against unauthorized access through password protection
    ● Disc Creator Authentication – A digital signature is applied to all data to allow recipients to verify data authenticity
    ● Integrity Checker – Detects altered data through checksums to verify data integrity and readability
    ● Data Insurance – Increases data reliability through redundantly stored data

    LG’s DVD Rewriter with Security Function provides both professional and private users with the means necessary to protect and share data securely.

    Additional Internal and External Products
    Other LG external and internal optical disc drives showcased at CES 2007 include:

    ● GSA-H42N – This internal drive has a writing speed of 18x DVD+R and DVD-R
    ● GSA-H42L - This internal drive has a writing speed of 18x DVD+R and DVD-R. Further the unit is incorporates LightScribe, direct disc labeling technology
    ● GSA-H30N – The Internal Super Multi features Serial ATA interface

    ● GSA-E30N – This external drive has a writing speed of 18x DVD+R and DVD-R
    ● GSA-E30L – This external drive has 18x DVD+R and DVD-R write speeds, one of the highest speeds on the market. Further the unit is incorporates LightScribe, direct disc labeling technology
    ● GSA-E50L – This slim portable external drive integrates USB BUS Power, with an AC adapter for high speed. The unit has up to 8x DVD+R and DVD-R write speeds in addition to 8.5GB double layer recording
    ● GSA-T10N – The internal Slim Super Multi features a writing speed of 8x DVD+R and DVD-R
    ● GSA-U10N – The internal Slim Super Multi - Ultra Slim drive features a writing speed of 8x DVD+R and DVD-R

    In addition to its optical storage drives, LG also showcased its cutting-edge Mini Retractable – Chocolate Style Flash RAM USB drive. Building on LG’s popular Chocolate design, this retractable Flash RAM USB Drive is compact, stylish and a great tool for anyone in need of an external storage device. The ‘Chocolate design’ is a sleek, ultra thin minimalist style and silky-smooth design created by LG earlier this year. With no cap to lose, it features storage capacities ranging from 1GB to 2GB, and features a red eye LED to let you know when it is working. Additionally, there is added security with the password lock feature. This USB has a read speed of 12MB per second and a write speed of 10 MB per second.

    Source: LG
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    The 13th room on the 13th floor of the 13th buildi
    since its LG it will last 6-8 moths before it breaks based on my own expirience of LG drives
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    Wow, I didn't know there was still a market for blank discs.
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    Gurley, AL
    Cool. Too bad HD-DVD and Blu-Ray wasnt like the +/- R/RW war. Blu ray should win, but they really need to get together and decide on just one.
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