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Lian Li Announces the PC-9N Mid Tower Chassis


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Oct 9, 2007
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Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces a new brushed aluminum mid tower chassis, the PC-9N. Supporting ATX and micro-ATX motherboards, the PC-9N forgoes the traditional motherboard tray, and instead implements a railing mount design for increased thermal performance and better cable management.

Lian Li's new railing mount technology greatly improves airflow under the motherboard, helping systems run cooler. This innovative Lian Li design replaces the traditional solid motherboard tray used in competing products, which blocks airflow and adds to system weight and cost. The new railing system also provides better routing options for internal wiring and cables, reducing clutter, improving system appearance and further improving airflow.

The Lian Li PC-9N holds up to three 3.5-inch hard drives and one 2.5-inch SSD in its all aluminum, tool-less, modular drive cage at the lower front of the chassis. The drives are secured by quick-access thumbscrews with rubber suspensions to greatly reduce irritating noise and vibrations. The HDD cage itself can be swiftly removed or rotated for easy maintenance access or case modification.

At the top of the chassis are three 5.25-inch drive bays with external access. The tool-less design of the bays, makes it easy for DIY builders to install optical drives.

A 140mm fan at the front pulls cool air into the chassis, and directly onto the hard disk drives. There is space for another optional 140mm fan in the middle of the front panel, where it can push external air directly across the motherboard and expansion cards, for advanced cooling requirements. The front panel can be removed without tools, making it easy to clean and maintain the air filters. The rear 120mm exhaust fan pulls hot air out of the chassis.

The PC-9N accommodates CPU coolers up to 170mm (6.6 inches) in height. The PC-9N has 8 vented expansion slots with thumb screws. There's space for very long VGA cards up to 430mm (16.93 inches) in the chassis.

Power supplies up to 300mm (11.81 inches) in length fit easily at the bottom of the PC-9N. Ventilation slits underneath the PSU, with a removable pull-out air filter, help increase the life and performance of the power supply and system.

The I/O panel on the top of the case has two USB 3.0 and HD audio connections. A door covers the I/O panel to protect it from dust and keep the elegant look when not in use.

The PC-9N is available in two stylish color options: silver (PC-9NA) and black (PC-9NB).

Product Highlights:
  • Supports ATX and micro-ATX motherboards
  • New motherboard mounting system providing enhanced cooling and performance
  • Tool-less disk drive mounting and removal
  • Holds three 3.5-inch drives, one 2.5-inch drive and three 5.25-inch drives
  • Impressive cooling with front 140mm fan and 120mm rear fan
  • Easily removable front panel
  • Hidden case-top I/O ports – USB 3.0 x2 and HD Audio
  • Two color options: silver and black
  • MSRP: US$109.99 (Tax not included)
  • Available in the US at the end of February
For more information, visit the product page.
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Lian Li, the Porsche of the computing world.
Aug 23, 2011
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I like the rail-mount mobo innovation. Wouldn't mind seeing more models offering this...

The front of the case has a different look with that strip of mesh - I wonder how restrictive the intake is?
Mar 24, 2010
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Slow innovation.....
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Very nice.
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nice case but lian li should design something new
Jun 27, 2011
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I like the rail-mount mobo innovation. Wouldn't mind seeing more models offering this...
Could not figure out what you were talking about ill I looked at the full size picture. That is quite nice.
Mar 2, 2011
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I find it amazing what they can do with aluminum foil these days...


Feb 18, 2010
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Hell, I'd buy it.

Now to go get my hands on some money.
Apr 19, 2011
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Lian Li innovative sorry! They have the least innovative I/O panel (top)... it's asinine! First that little chintzy flip-up door then minimal connections what a joke! Lian Li been sticking buyers with that same Plain-Jane austere crap for too many years... and folk shell out top dollar for what's a minimalist POS... it’s sad.

It would be "innovative" and truly "Porsche", to have the I/O as a module (5.25”) with a smooth opening door like nice luxury cars use on ashtrays or our cover panels that fold and basically disappear. You know the type where it gives the impression of automated open with spring and gears. Then unquestionably providing more than two USB's, then perhaps a SD card reader slot or two, while imaginably it might have one or two small sliders for fan control. Lighting for the power and HDD that aren’t just normal LED’s, but illumination that’s subtle and indirect while functional say like the power light bar in soft white that shines on the area you press to open the door. HDD light that doesn’t strobe but more negligibly cloaked within the power light bar and provide various choice of color to choose from. A power button that isn’t generic (round), but more discreet and integral on the front of the module (perhaps built in as the light bar itself), while the reset is behind the door, because top notch high-end computer builds shouldn’t need them that often. Then have the module able to position it in multiple areas like on top like it is, then front/top and then a middle of the bezel and you choose on what’s best for you. Provide two matching brushed anodized cover panels along with two mesh panels, this way you can have either/or both styles depending on what you like.

If they implemented such a Module across their case's it wouldn't be all that expensive, sure much more that the POS they give presently, but a Lian Li should be a pioneer in the market.

This chit’s not that hard...
Sep 11, 2007
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Well I agree on that part with the "bright leds" maybe they should be a more discrete like macs have. but that's about it.

Buy another brand if you don't like Lian-Li, some of us prefer minimalist elegant design rather than super featured gimmicky or overengineered cases.
Also some of the features you listed there could be considered by some tacky, such as changing led color... you could change a led yourself pretty easy btw, unless you plan to change that colour every day to reflect your mood or smtn.

True, they could improve a bit here and there, and they sure aren't cheap for what they offer. But I haven't seen better yet. Please do provide a few links to exemplary cases that are in the same (or lower) price range. Thanks
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Aug 23, 2011
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My comment on innovation was solely directed to the rail-type motherboard tray.

I like the In-Win's D-Frame skeletonized motherboard tray better, but as it is 3D it would be relatively pricey.

That said, my ultimate motherboard tray would be somewhere between the two, with SSD & HDD mounts on the back. The front intake fans of a case would then be cooling both sides of the mobo and the drives as well.

...and no, I don't want the open-air design of the rest of the In-Win D-Frame case, I want it in a positive-pressure box more like a standard case. 2 front 140mm intakes, 1 rear, and perhaps a bottom 140mm intake too - and optional 240/280mm top rad support.

Basically, your typical modern case (like a Fractal Design Define R4) but with a skeletonized motherboard tray.
Dec 5, 2006
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I love Lian Li cases but only for their simplicity in their style, plus the fact they are aluminum.
However I have my list of line item complaints. (Where is my top fan and added internal bays) :(

The small strip wont have much effect at all on intake air if any real measurable amount.

Now about the other complaints (Top I/O) seriously you are getting an Aluminum case for this price? What do you want? Laser cut flush mount with a double ceramic bearing hinge and lift struts?

I agree, it's the cheapest looking part of the case however... I can't exactly fault them for the price, if it was $180 now, I would be complaining, $/$ they are one of the cleanest looking cases I have ever found.