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Lian Li Expands Its Line of Data Storage Chassis with the PC-Q12 and PC-Q18

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Cristian_25H


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    Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, the award-winning aluminum computer chassis manufacturer, today announces two new additions to the Q Series - PC-Q12 and PC-Q18. With the release of these two compact chassis, Lian Li gives even more options to PC builders who need elegant-looking space-saving cases with high data storage capabilities.

    Designed to be central data center for the numerous hi-tech devices such as smart phones and tablets of the modern mobile consumer, the PC-Q12 and PC-Q18 both support mini-ITX motherboards. Not only do these cases have a compact design, but they also have the features that are to be expected from Lian Li, including: elegant brushed anodized aluminum frames, easy-to-remove snap-off panels, and USB 3.0 connectivity on the front panel.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    PC-Q12 - Slim Data Storage Chassis for the Modern Minimalist

    Able to be placed horizontally or vertically, the PC-Q12 packs in a lot of storage capabilities with four 2.5" HDD drive bays considering its ultra small dimensions of (W x H x D) 88 mm x 365 mm x 208 mm (3.46" x 14.37" x 8.19").

    Designed to be a chassis for home server usage and light computing, the PC-Q12 does not support VGA cards or internal optical drives in order to keep its small footprint while still having vast storage potential. For users who want their system to be able to read CD/DVDs, an optional slim optical drive can be clipped to the back on the chassis.

    A 300 W power supply with 80-Plus efficiency is included with the PC-Q12, and an 80 mm fan on the top panel blows cool air directly over the motherboard.

    The PC-Q12 will be available in two colors (Black or Silver) in selected countries and various vendors for the suggested retail price of $159.

    PC-Q18 - Small Footprint with Massive Storage

    A slimmer upgrade of the PC-Q08, the PC-Q18 with four hotswappable 3.5" HDD bays and a bottom tray capable of holding two 3.5" HDDs or three 2.5" HDDs/SSDs allows you to store a vast amount of information from all your mobile devices.

    This compact chassis with dimensions of (W x H x D) 199 mm x 290 mm x 365 mm (7.83" x 11.42" x 14.37") supports a full load of hardware. There is space for a 5.25" optical drive at the top front of the chassis. The PC-Q18 can hold VGA cards with a length of 340 mm (13.39"), and a CPU cooler up to 160 mm (6.30") in height. Furthermore, current and future expandability is ensured thanks to the two expansion slots.

    Two 140 mm fans offer exceptional cooling for such a small case. The front 140 mm fan blows air directly on the HDD bays, while the top 140 mm fan blows out excess heat.

    The PC-Q18 will be available in two colors (Black or Silver) in selected countries and various vendors for the suggested retail price of $159.

    Product Highlights of PC-Q12

    - Horizontal or vertical placement
    - Ultra compact footprint
    - Supports mini-ITX motherboards
    - 300 W 80-Plus power supply included
    - Four 2.5" HDD bays
    - Two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel
    - Slim optical drive option
    - MSRP: $159 (VAT not included)
    - Available in the United States and Canada by various vendors at the end of April.

    Product Highlights of PC-Q18

    - Compact cube-like design
    - Supports mini-ITX motherboards
    - Four 3.5" HDD (Hotswap)
    - Two 3.5" or three 2.5" on bottom tray
    - 5.25" optical drive bay
    - Two 140 mm fans
    - Two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel
    - MSRP: $159 (VAT not included)
    - Available in the United States and Canada by various vendors at the end of April.


  2. NirXY

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    too bad Lian-Li still designs Storage cases with a 5.25" bay, no-one really needs optical media any more, just a waste of space on the Q18.
    other than that - they make the perfect cases for a NAS, would like to see other vendors compete in that area.
  3. Jizzler


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    Geneva, FL, USA
    ^ The 5.25" bay is for a 2.5" hotswap enclosure, or WC reservoir :)

    Just looking at the Q12 makes me want to build a system with it. Come on Trinity!
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  4. [H]@RD5TUFF

    Nov 13, 2009
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    San Diego, CA
    As usual with Lian-Li the pricing for these cases is way out of whack! These cases shouldn't be $100 let alone $160 .. . just sad how poorly these are priced!:shadedshu

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