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Lian Li Launches All-New PC-Q06 Mini Tower Series Case


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Oct 9, 2007
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Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd Ltd, today announces its launch of the all-new Mini-Q Series. More than just a PC case, the compact PC-Q06 supports mini-ITX motherboards on the top while protecting components in the case body. Designed for IT professionals, overclockers and the serious power users, the PC-Q06 allows easy and quick access to the motherboards and VGA cards. Lian Li once again leads the industry by offering the ultimate quality and user-friendly design on its mini tower products.

The dimensions of PC-Q06 series stand at 205 x 210 x 250mm (W.H.D) at only 1.2kg weight. The hairline-brushed, all aluminum mini-tower chassis supports mini-ITX motherboards on the top, with optional ATX or mini-ATX motherboard tray. It includes holders for two PCI brackets to support heavy graphic cards mounted. The PC-Q06 case body has place for one standard 5.25" optical drive, one standard 3.5" hard drive, one standard ATX PS/2 power supply unit, and features two USB3.0 and HDA audio ports on the front. The PC-Q06 series is available in red, black and silver colors.

Open Access for LN2 Overclocking
With the optional ATX tray a rig using the PC-Q06 has no obstructions above the motherboard, allowing easy installation of cooling pots and access to the platform while working.

User Friendly Design
The Mini-Q Series is designed just as simple and clean as possible for both the PC case and test bench. Lian Li's PC-Q06 is in minimalism style, and yet a combination of art and technology. There is the Lian-Li-patented cable management clamp on the rear panel allowing maximum conveniences for cable management. The aluminum motherboard thumb screws enable users to assemble without tools. For a complete thermal solution, there are vent holes designed at the bottom and rear panels for air to enter the case body.

Detailed Construction
The side panels of PC-Q06 are secured with screws to reduce the product size, the vibration, and the noise level. Rubber pads are used on the power supply and the aluminum case stand for both insulation and support, as well as to absorb vibration.

For more information, refer to the product page.

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Nov 11, 2004
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Now, I like quite a few of Lian-Li's products, by why in the name of all things computer case related did they create this thing? I just don't see the point of it, as you'd be much better of getting a standard test rig setup than this wobbly thing. On top of that, mini-ITX motherboards are severely limited when it comes to overclocking.
Oct 2, 2005
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this would not be for those who want to overclock. This would be for LAN party friendly or low voltage pc's. Taking that into account, the design sucks! You might as well get one of those overclocking work station "cases" or just go without a case. Why house the PSU and not the motherboard is what is screwy:shadedshu
Aug 4, 2009
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Uhm, yeah...
That's one hilariously designed "case".


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Feb 26, 2009
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Li-Li hasn't made any advances in the last year towards making cases better/more affordable. This just proves it.


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Feb 26, 2009
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Well IMO its just like a ferrari, are they making any affordable cars to the masses? no..
most likely because of their manuf. techniques + using aluminum + high QC..
I'd get a lancool instead of lian li..


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Nov 22, 2005
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So the motherboard mounts on the top of the case? That is stupid! I can't take it anywhere, because if I put it in my trunk, I'd be to worried the thing would tip over and the cooler would break off, especially if I was using a heavy tower cooler. Sp lan parties go out the window.

Li-Li hasn't made any advances in the last year towards making cases better/more affordable. This just proves it.
I think at this point they've covered all the bases with their current cases, there is no need to make them that much better with entire redesigns, though they do keep making small tweeks on their current cases.

As for making them more affordable, Lian-Li has always been about high quality cases, which come at a premium(sometimes it is worth it, sometimes it isn't). However, their Lancool series has made a great step towards more affordable cases.

I think at this point they are just throwing out random crazy cases to try and catch the niche few people that like that sort of thing.
Nov 6, 2005
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I read the news post above it and was still thinking this was being sold as a barebones computer. I was like - daaaaamn that board is old!

Aug 22, 2007
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I thought it was a laser printer :laugh:

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Feb 4, 2008
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Scrizz, that was my instant initial reaction too :D


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Jan 16, 2010
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What the heck has gotten into Lian Li lately? First they make the mutant four-legged spider case for ITX boards (which deveats the point of ITX) and then they bring out a case that protects all but the fragile components. Where were the designers of the PC-A17 when the clowns in the idiot department were coming up with this rubbish? Come on Lian Li! Who would want a case that holds a massive power supply but doesn't hold the motherboard?

I simply can't think of any LAN Party person that would be happy to show of their 1337 low voltage computer which can barely even beat their mates P4 in performance?