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Lian Li Launches PC-C50 HTPC Chassis


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Oct 9, 2007
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Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd. launches its PC-C50 multimedia HTPC chassis – a combination of modern functionality and hair-line brushed anodized aluminum finishing outlook perfectly for the home theatre décor and friendly for the end-users. The PC-C50 stands at 445x167x325mm (W. H.D) and weighs only in 3.20kgs. Available in black and silver colors, the PC-C50 case supports Micro ATX/Mini DTX/Mini ITX motherboards. The chassis is designed with unique modular CD-ROM cage and HDD cages that can be arranged by users' needs. Making it most convenient, the PC-C50 offers three USB3.0, HD audio and e-SATA I/O ports, as well as a MS/SD card reader slot, right at the front of the chassis for easy access.

The ideal cooling the Lian Li's PC-C50 has incorporated two 120mm exh aust fans on the side, PCI brackets with vent holes for extra cooling, as well as the power supply unit at the bottom to draw in cold air directly. Two 120mm and 80mm-size fan holes on the top and at the rear, respectively, are also available for additional fans. The Lian Li PC-C50 HTPC chassis has one 5.25" external drive bay, the modular drive cages support three 3.5" HDDs and three 2.5" HDDs. There are four expansion slots available.

Like all Lian Li products, the PC-C50 HTPC chassis has the finely honed finish to prevent sharp edges. The internals are modular, so components can be pre-fitted and then installed in stages, allowing an organized and structural design for your DIY HTPC home theatre system. Tool-less thumb screws keep the case top panel attached, while a structural support bar adds strength to the case design. Everything is designed to comply with Intel Standards for maximum compatibility. The essence of Lian Li products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality is the customization which includes a whole host of optional extras that can be purchased to add more features to an already feature rich product.

For more details on features and extras availabilities for the PC-C50, please check out this page.

Highlights for PC-C50
  • Supports Micro ATX/Mini DTX/Mini ITX motherboards
  • Space for three 3.5" HDD (can be converted to 2.5" x 3)
  • Additional space for three more 2.5" HDD (9.5mm thick)
  • Four expansion slots
  • Two 120mm fans on the side
  • Fan holes on top and back for optional 120mm fans
  • Anti-vibration modular HDD & ODD cages
  • Multimedia I/O ports: USB3.0 x 3, HD audio, e-SATA, MS/SD card reader
  • One 5.25" external drive bay
  • Two colors available (silver, black)
  • Availability: Arriving at local distributors end of August
  • MSRP (not including VAT): US$189 for black and silver colors
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That's an ugly case i wouldnt want for me, no matter how good...
I wonder why Lian Li doesnt build more attractive cases, for different costumers...
Jun 26, 2009
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Stick a giant knob on it and you got yourself a nice silver Lian Li receiver lol.


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Jul 9, 2006
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Silver aint bad, just most components these days are black. However, this would go good in my cabinet because my Pioneer Surround Sound system is silver :)


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Oct 1, 2010
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Djisas, to you it's ugly but to the tasteful amongst us it's simple, elegant & beautifully made. :cool:

MomentoMoir, lots of HCPC's do have a big nob on. The reason Lian Li don't add them is because they have good designers:roll:

WarEagleAU, firstly, Lian Li always offer a black option. Secondly, you clearly don't hold quality in particularly high regard, as displayed by your Pioneer SS System, so why are you looking at Lian Li?! They're a make that should be partnered with the likes of Monitor Audio, B&W or similar. Sticking it with Pioneer is like getting a Porsche GT & painting it beige :nutkick:

The space & airflow in this mother is unmatched by any HCPC case. It is one of the very few that can realistically be used for an home cinema & gaming. When it comes to cases, Lian Li are God :respect: