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Little help reading HWMonitor?


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Jun 22, 2022
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Howdy all,

I need some input from people who have a bit more experience with undervolting and temperature mangagement.

You can obviously see my build so no need to type that out. see below.

Right now I have Bios set to undervolt 0.0800 but am wondering, based on this, do you think i could squeeze more? is 70C just fine? Literally, sometimes as i am gaming (in Warzone) i can kind of "Feel the heat" a little bit coming from my computer. Its noticeable, but not INSANE.

do you think it makes sense based on this to lower that voltage more?

When i am lowering voltage am i looking at System Agent? Obviously i know IA offset is what i have set in BIOS for the undervolt...but what is VID max and System Agent? I dont really know how to look at it and test things.

I tried to watch a video on jayztwocents and his layout was a little different from mine, so i got confused because im dumb. Learning, but trying to get better at this stuff.

Any input would really be appreciated.

****This is running Black Ops Cold War minimized, a few chrome tabs, and steam open not doing much)****


****This is running COD Warzone in WINDOWED mode while having a few chrome tabs open, itunes playing, and pushing it more****


maybe i am a bitch, but i DO SEE it hit up to the 80s sometimes.

i just want to optimize my performance and lower the temp as best as i can while performing the usual processes/workload that i do use in my daily use.

Feel free to assist or to simply make fun of me lol
Jun 28, 2022
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Storage 1 TB NVME, 500 GB SSD etc
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Case Full Tower
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You won’t optimize performance if you lower voltage too much, generally performance will not get better, but it will decrease power usage and then you have less heat. You should watch the clocks closely, pre UV and post UV, I don’t see the point of having a 12900K if you basically downclock it. Also be aware if you downvolt it too much it will get unstable. A bit UV is fine though. Generally you can also decrease power usage a lot by using a frame limiter, like 144fps. It’s easily enough to play Warzone.


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Jul 2, 2007
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System Name PCGOD
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