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LLC on Z370 motherboards, phases listed by MSI --question, and a picture!!!

Oct 17, 2014
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So this website here shows the different MSI Z370 lineup motherboards, etc.

So if I am reading everything right, Performance Gaming motherboards have more phases than say the Pro series as seen in the picture below... so basically your telling me a cheaper motherboard (the MSI Z370 Gaming Plus) overclocks better than the Z370 SLI Plus, even though Gaming Plus doesn't support SLI, and has no gen 2 USB ports and the SLI Plus does...

I don't understand this at all. Is MSI just bad at placing products right, or should I aim for a Performance Gaming Mobo listed in the section below if I want the best possible overclocking on a 8700k?

To make it more clear, the article states the Enthusiast gaming has more phases than performance, and performance more than arsenal, etc.

So my question is, why is a cheap and less quality motherboard like the Gaming Plus have more phases than the more expensive SLI Plus Pro series... ugh these companies frustrate me so much.

Edit : I just checked and the gaming plus has a 6 phase, and everything else in performance category in picture is 10 phase, MSI has no 11 or 12 phase, and Godlike is 18 phase.... wow... ok enough of this I need to get a new hobby LOL @erocker feel free to lock thread, I answered my own question/confusion
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