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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse


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Jul 8, 2005
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Logitech goes all out with their latest gaming mouse - the G9. While it may look very futuristic, the shape is perfect for right handed gamers. The G9 can be customized in almost every aspect, from weight to size and feel over to all the DPI settings and button assignments. This makes the device the perfect weapon of choice, no matter what type of gamer you are.

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Feb 1, 2006
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I have been waiting for this review... neat product. Weird though.


Apr 7, 2006
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It has that fatal1ty method of holding a mouse, which is retarded and uncomfortable.
Jan 31, 2007
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i have this mouse and i like it. its real nice


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Sep 16, 2006
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It has that fatal1ty method of holding a mouse, which is retarded and uncomfortable.

You mean with fingertips? Don't consider my self retarded and it's very comfortable, even more than "regular" grip. Why? Because my wrist rest on top of a gel bag that game with previous mouse pad, very comfy. That is secured to my table with velcro strap (like it was in the previous mouse pad). I have Ulti-Mat Breathe X1 in front of it.

My wrist is obviously much higher than it would normally be, so fingertip grip comes naturally. Obviously palm grip would do no good, as you have to move your whole hand and wrist rest is useless. Anyone not gaming low sensitivity with a big mat should try one. It takes strain of your shoulder, if you can't put your elbow on desk or have hands rests on your chair. Reason I got a gelwristthingy was that the bone under your wrist will start to hurt quite soon if you are resting your palm on table/mouse mat.

Have a soft wrist pad under my keyboard as well, for the same reasons, They don't cost much, but your hands will thank you for them.


As for the product it self, like the changeable covers, as I don't like wide mouse. Like that it's laser with a cord and teflon feet, but don't like almost all the rest of the features. It's too expensive, because it has too many features that I don't need. Like mouse light, so weights are useless. Don't need any profiles or macros, just a simple DPI change will do. Don't want a horizontal scroll wheel and want to turn mouse over and hit with laser to the eye every time I want to scroll fast :)

G3 or G5 would probably suit me better and have more reasonable price, but if someone needs most of the features I bet it's a great mouse.
Jan 24, 2007
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I have the g7 and ive been happy with it anyone who hasnt had a logitech wireless they are some of the best there worth a try i would buy this if i didnt have one so similar


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Jul 9, 2006
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Yeah, I demoed one of these at CompUSA this past Saturday. Very odd and weird to get used to, but its passable as a decent gaming mouse (despite my first criticism and thoughts of it being the Fatal1ty odd). I like the little push knobs (guess thats what they are or buttons) on the thumb grip part, the weight you can add and subtract, the teflon feet are a huge bonus as is the laser. Personally, the only good thing about a wireless mouse is, its wireless. No cord to hold you tethered in one place and having to get it caught and damaging it. However, with this cord, it shouldnt be a problem. I really liked the sensitivity settings on it. All in all, its a horrible shape and color, but it has alot of very nice features on it. Oh, I also tested that G7 out, a G5 Gaming (or 515, whichever) and I loved them both!