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Looking for fast DDR2 RAM - any suggestions?



Alright guys, I have a system with my rig whereby I upgrade it gradually - the GTX replaced my 8800GT, my Q6600 replaced my 5000+BE, for example.

So now im looking to replace my RAM - 4GB of Patriot Extreme Vipers that top out around the 1100 mark. Ive looked all over to try and get some axeram, however its damn rare over here and costs a small fortune. Ive also looked for buffalo firestix, to no avail.

So, if you know of any ram that is either faster than the 1200 mark from stock OR will overclock to that mark, then let me know. Id prefer a 4GB kit, however I will settle for a 2GB kit if its expensive.



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May 14, 2007
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Cooling Swiftech Apogee GTZ, Black Ice GTX Xtreme 480, EK 250 Rev 2, EK 4870 X2, MCP655, 1/2" Tygon Tubing
Memory 4GB DDR2 OCZ @ 1066MHz 2.1V
Video Card(s) HIS ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 800 on core, 1000 on memory (overclocked in CCC)
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No sites here in UK have Patriot RAM haha. I would go for Corsair Dominator 1066MHz (2x2GB) :)
Feb 24, 2009
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I'm rollin with regular Corsair XMS2 PC6400 and it is good stuff.


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Mar 17, 2007
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Only 2 brands come to mind (Other than Corsair) G Skill and OCZ...

There are quite a few Gskill kits that can obtain the mark your looking for stabl with low volts. Same for OCZ, the Corsair Doms may be your best bet Kyle.
Sep 6, 2008
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i got mushkin ascent 8500!!! i just overclocked these to 1125 right off the bat and still smooth sailing. i read reviews that i can go a bit more further but i'm good for where i'm at. plus i'm running my q6600 at 3.6 (450x8).