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[FS][US] M1060 w/ amp, SB ZxR, EVGA 1060 6gb, Prices lowered

May 3, 2015
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I have a few things I'm trying to get rid of, trying to get a new car and need a little fast money. For now only listing my m1060's, ZxR, and 1060 6gb.... Might list a couple of older PCIe SSD's later if I need to money wise. I believe everything is priced pretty well compared to eBay listings, lemme know if anything is overpriced or whatnot. Heatware is under HunterIsLonely.

$210 - Monoprice Monolith M1060 v2 w/ SMSL sAp II Pro headphone amp:
Bought my original pair of M1060's late 2017 and used them probably 6hrs or more every day with the SMSL amp and loved them, eventually the pads started coming apart and falling off the headphones and then the right channel in the cable and the 2.5mm in the headphone started to go out. RMA'd them and they sent me a brand new pair. I got the new pair, took the foam out from behind the grill and used them for about 5 hours total and put them back in the box. I seem to enjoy listening to my Retros more for now and recently purchased a Schiit Magni 3 to replace the SMSL amp as well. Amp might have one small angle where the headphones will have static I think, or maybe it was my cheapo 1/4 adapter, but I didn't notice it very much. Outer box is scuffed a little from me moving it around my room out of the way. Original box for m1060, no box for amp.
m1060 + sAp II.jpg

SMSL sAp II.jpg

$old - Creative Sound Blaster ZxR

$155 - EVGA GTX 1060 6gb (Short/Single Fan Model)
Got this used from a family member about a year ago I think? Been sitting around in a secondary PC that I used if my main was down or if I had to go somewhere and wanted to bring a small PC with me. It's a little dusty, Doesn't have the serial/model number sticker on the back so no registering it on EVGA's website. You can look up the BIOS revision and it's for 6gb models if you need some sort of proof it's not a 3gb model or something. HDMI port is messed up, I have a DVI to HDMI cable I can include if you like. No original box or accessories.
1060 Front.jpg

1060 Back.jpg

1060 bios.jpg
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