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Mainboard breakdown causes major trouble with my X800 Pro @ XT HELP needed

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by muehring, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. muehring New Member

    Feb 25, 2006
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    Hello everybody,
    until last week i was using a MSI Neo 2 mainboard with the i865 chipset, a PIV 3.4 GHz and my modded X800Pro VIVO @ XT.
    Everything was working fine, but due to overvoltage on one of the USB ports my motherboard died.
    I replaced it to a Asus P4P800 SE and everything worked, but the vga board. The PC was just beeping sometimes if I inserted it...
    I installed an old Ati Rage IIC 4 mb PCI VGA card and the PC booted, all other components are ok.
    Then I played a little bit with the stupid X800 and also installed it in my PC.
    I had to change the vga-card priority to PCI to get a picture.
    Surprisingly my PC detected the X800 under Windows and both graphic outputs started working again.
    I tried to play some games, Hidden & Dangerous 2 (old DX8 game) worked without any problems, but battlefield 2 just did not start. 3D mark complained about no pixelshaders found ???
    Atiflash was used to rewrite the bios on the card with the standard Asus X800 XT PTE vivo bios, found somewhere on the net. I had to use Atiflash with the newbios option.
    Now the card was working fine under windows, WITH everything.
    I tried to change the vga card priority in the bios.
    The card started the PC and I could see the bios messages, but I was not able to boot from any device with the X800 set as the primary device. Directly after the bios boot menu selection the PC stopped, of course only with the x800 again.
    In the meantime I found the original bios and flashed it back.
    Now the PC boots from the X800 card without any help, but the screen stays dark until windows initialized its graphic drivers. So no bios messages, no windows bootup screen,...

    That is not so good, what can I do to get a picture during bootup?
    Else I am not able to reinstall my operating system, if needed ....
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  2. trog100

    Dec 18, 2005
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    this might not be of any help but i had your problem with my first lcd monitor and an ati card.. two different ati cards to be exact.. and two different mobos.. nothing except in windows..

    when i had my TV-out plugged in.. no boot or dos type screens showed up on the monitor.. with it not plugged in boot up screens showed up as they should do.. took me a while to figure this out..

    i had two options if i needed to see screens.. take out the TV plug or switch on the TV.. they all showed up on that.. he he

    with my new lcd monitor this does not happen.. TV plugged in or not all screens show up as they should.. nothing changed the problem except the new monitor.. the old one wasnt faulty just wouldnt show up boot screens with the TV plug in..

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