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MAINGEAR Offers Microsoft Windows 8 on All Systems

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, Oct 26, 2012.

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    MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder of custom desktops, notebooks, workstations launches the new Windows 8 operating system on all MAINGEAR systems.

    The new Windows 8 OS is a beautiful, fast, and fluid design that is smooth, intuitive, and gives you instant access to your people, apps, and important information, so users can spend less time searching and more time doing what they love whether it's playing PC games, surfing the internet or keeping in touch with their social circle.


    Windows 8 incorporates a personalized, cross-device windows account so a user's profile can synchronize with their settings across different Windows 8-enabled tablets and phones. It can run full screen desktop like apps with their new Win 8 Interface. This bold, beautiful interface features Live Tiles, giving you instant updates on emails or social media interactivity. Completely customizable, the Win 8 Interface is a radical departure from 17 years of Windows design. But for those who prefer the familiar desktop environment, users can choose to use the traditional desktop environment while they get use to the new Win 8 Interface depending on whether you need more flexibility in how you work.

    The new OS starts quickly, offers faster performance and there is a new scheduler that delivers more intelligent performance for today's multi-core processors and with its Cloud-connect feature via SkyDrive that offers free 7 GB of cloud storage. Users will get instant access to music, movies, photos, or documents wherever there is internet access, and have seamlessly access them across Windows 8-enabled devices. With other features such as file history where Windows Backup checks for changes every hour and saves a pre-selected file ability of the OS doesn't require reinstallation from a disc if the system gets a virus thanks to a new restore methodology. Windows Defender monitors and helps protect your PC against viruses and other malware in real time and detects and removes malware if your PC becomes infected.

    "The new OS fits all lifestyles, whether it's gaming, entertainment or business, and customers will love what Windows 8 has to offer." said Wallace Santos, Founder and President of MAINGEAR Computers. "Windows 8 on MAINGEAR systems offer a solid foundation for improved performance and reliability while staying connected with better protection, it creates a great and seamless ecosystem across all Windows 8 enabled devices."

    MAINGEAR is offering Windows 8 on all MAINGEAR products such as the SHIFT and F131 with the exception of the VYBE 15 desktop and Alpha 24. Customers will also have the option to still select Windows 7 as an option for a limited time. All of MAINGEAR products are supported with lifetime labor and phone support with one to three year hardware warranty. For more information about MAINGEAR's desktops with AMD FX processors, go to: www.maingear.com/windows8.

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