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Max Payne 3 - Low FPS


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Mar 18, 2009
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New Zealand
System Name Enmity
Processor Intel i5 3570K 4.6Ghz@1.320vcore
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V
Cooling Corsair H100
Memory 2 x 4 GB Mushkin Frostbyte 9-9-9-24
Video Card(s) 2 x MSI 5850's
Storage 1 x 90GB OCZ Vertex2 SSD, 1 x 1TB HDD, 3 x 320GB HDD
Display(s) Samsung XL2370
Case Coolermaster Storm Stryker
Audio Device(s) Asus Xonar DG PCI + Senn HD485's
Power Supply Corsair HX850
Software Windows 7 Ultimate x64
also, you probably should check your tesselation settings in CCC, makign sure its not switched to something crazy like 64x, might as well leave it on amd optimised if its not already. while ur there check ur AA settings, you may have selected edge detect or something similar, change it to box and try max payne 3 after these have been checked coz with this game the main performance killers are AA and tesselation.
Feb 14, 2009
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System Name Mr. 97
Processor Intel Core i7 4790k @4.6GHz
Motherboard MSI Gaming 5 Z97
Cooling Nepton 240M + 6 Case fans
Memory Kingston HyperX Fury @2200MHz 16GB (2x8GB)
Video Card(s) MSI GTX970 Gaming 4G @ 1552MHz
Storage WD Cavier Green 1TB 64 MB Cache @7200RPM
Display(s) LG 29UB67 21:9 2560x1080
Case Cooler Master cm690
Audio Device(s) on Board
Power Supply Corsair RM750 750W PSU
Mouse Logitech G400s
Keyboard TVS Gold from 1996
Software Windows 10.1 64BIT
I have 20 fps in game (i'm in the first part of game). My Pc:

I7 920@4GHz
4GB DDR3 1600
Monitor 1920X1080

All graphic setting in game to maxumum possible.....it's a normal thing or have problem?
turn down MSAA if you are using that heavily, it lowers FPS
Feb 20, 2012
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Processor I7 920
Motherboard Rampage II Gene
Cooling Liquid
Memory 4GB DDR3 1600
Video Card(s) HD6970
Display(s) 24" LCD 1920X1080
Audio Device(s) X-FI Xtreme Music
Power Supply Corsair HX520W
Software W7 Ultimate 64BIT
I have set the FX and MA to 0...the game play at 60fps but have orrible aliasing...

I try to force The AA (morfologic, 8x, SS MS ecc) but no way to work..
May 18, 2010
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System Name My baby
Processor Athlon II X4 620 @ 3.5GHz, 1.45v, NB @ 2700Mhz, HT @ 2700Mhz - 24hr prime95 stable
Motherboard Asus M4A785TD-V EVO
Cooling Sonic Tower Rev 2 with 120mm Akasa attached, Akasa @ Front, Xilence Red Wing 120mm @ Rear
Memory 16 GB G.Skills 1600Mhz
Video Card(s) ATI ASUS Crossfire 5850
Storage Samsung 1Tb EcoGreen hard drive
Display(s) Hanngs-G 19"
Case Antec VSK 2000 Black Tower Case
Audio Device(s) Onkyo TX-SR309 Receiver, 2x Kef Cresta 1, 1x Kef Center 20c
Power Supply OCZ StealthXstream II 600w, 4x12v/18A, 80% efficiency.
Software Windows Vista X64
I have set the FX and MA to 0...the game play at 60fps but have orrible aliasing...

I try to force The AA (morfologic, 8x, SS MS ecc) but no way to work..
Load up Max Payne 3, play a few minutes, minimise the game and then take a print screen of your Task Manager's performance tab. Let us see the resources!