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Max watercooling on a Coolermaster Haf XB

Discussion in 'System Builder's Advice' started by Kaynar, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Kaynar

    Jan 18, 2012
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    Hello all!

    So I've been hesitating to go watercooling either on a Haf XB or a Corsair 900D when it comes out, but I just think that for my mAXT + single GPU that huge case would be just too much. I've been searching for smaller cases like a maniac cause I wanted something that will fit a respectable amount of radiators, will look cool and will not cost over £300. I ended up with the HAF XB because I am thinking of using all available slots for radiators. Seems that you cant buy any smaller with that many 120mm and 80mm holes. (Please feel free to advice of any other case that is at most a mid-tower size and has that many cooling options and space). I would like to get some advice because this is my first WC build. You can see my current PC specs on the left (in a few months will buy mATX LGA2011).

    -Case: Coolermaster Haf XB - PLEASE if you know were I can buy the window top in UK (or EU tell where!!!!!)
    -CPU cooler: Koolance 380i (or EK supremancy CSQ?)
    -GPU cooler: Koolance VID-AR797, please suggest a compatible backplate? (or EK CSQ?)
    -Mobo/Ram: currenty nothing for my X58 system, but soon I will buy an asus rampage iv and will buy watercooling for it and the ram.

    -Fittings: bitspower sparkle black or matte black...
    -Tubing: Tygon R6016 Norprene 1/2"ID (it's black so no colourful liquid cooling. Just water and some biocide. I want to get the as hassle-free as possible after installation. Also, I choose this over other tubes as it seems to be the most hardcore tubing for watercooling and I plan to use this PC on a 30-40degC environment (and relatively humid). Even if it's not the most flexible I don't mind, I'll buy more angled fittings to make it straight.)

    -Front 240mm Rad: HWLabs black ice GTXtreme 240mm (fearing this will not fit with push/pull and XFX 7970, maybe I should buy GT Sleath, GT lite, SR1? tons of models dunno what to pick but I'd rather stick to HWlabs if possible and as good performance as possible)
    -Rear 120mm Rad: HWLabs black ice GTStealth 120mm push/pull (seen a picture of thicker rad fitting there so should be no prob? Not essential to keep push/pull everywhere but I'd rather have as much as possible.)
    -Rear 160mm bottom rad: HWLabs black ice GTXtreme 160mm (which 80mm fans should I get for a rad THAT think?)
    -Corsair SP120 fans (that I already own)

    -Reservoir: thinking of Aquacomputer Aquatube with mounting kit for 5.25" bays as I dont intend to use dvd reader or anything. Also I'm thinking it might be impossible to refill the ress and i'm just being stupid so maybe I should go for another front bay res. Please suggest ( pump not on res plz).
    EDIT: I liked the following res too, http://www.specialtech.co.uk/spshop...Temperature-Monitor--MAELSTROM-pid-16840.html

    -Pump: Swiftech MCP35X2. Now that is expensive but I dont want to experience pump noise so 2x of those pumps at low RPM for few rads and single system might be overkill but i got no problem with that. The RPM is auto-configured by joining a pin on the mobo fan headers and swiftech sells all-inclusive ready to use package of 2x pumps linked (so warranty not void for doing that myself otherwise) and I think I should buy the dual passive heatsink to put on the pumps too. Also thinking I will buy a foam silencing kit and try to install it on the bottom of the case between the res and the 160mm rad.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback I may receive. Everything you say might be helpful, dont hesitate.
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