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Media drive setup??

Aug 26, 2008
639 (0.18/day)
Fresno, CA
System Name MFCJA
Processor Intel 4770k
Motherboard MSI Z87-G45
Cooling Intel Liquid Cooler
Memory Corsair DDR3 4X4GB
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 770
Storage 120GB SSD/1TB
Display(s) 23" Acer H233H
Case Corsair Mid Tower
Power Supply Corsair TX850M
Software Windows 7 64 bit
So I have a couple of questions. Look at my system specs for any information that you will need about my computer.

1) I have a 1TB hard drive and I want to use it to house my media and games. However, I am having issues with it and windows media player. I want to have windows media player constantly update with the new movies that I add to the "Movies" folder on my drive. Yet after I add them, they never seem to show up. I have already added my drive location for windows media player to pull videos from. To sum it up: I would like to know the best and most practical way to get my movies that are on a drive separate from my OS drive to show up in Windows Media Player and to be ready to stream to my PS3 with no hitches.

2) What is the best way to set up the drive for optimal media accessibility? I will be streaming these movies unto my PS3 and I would like to eliminate as much clutter as possible. I think this is more of an opinion based question and I am open to any suggested alternatives to my current situation.
So far I have folders set up as such
[Movies]- then folders of sub categories such as Comedy, Action, etc..
Let me know if there is a more sophisticated/practical way of archiving my media.

Thanks for your help everyone.
Oh and I have messed extensively with permissions and still have issues with getting the movies to show up in windows media player. :confused:
Update- I have also realized that when I change the name of a movie, it no longer plays in windows media player.. nor can I get it to show up.