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memory confusion


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Jul 9, 2020
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So I feel like my ram is running slower then it should be. I used wmic memorychip get speed on cmd and it says my ram is running at 3000mhz, but cpu-z I think is saying otherwise. I added pictures of what cpu-z says, and to clarify the first and second ram.png is talking about my ram in slot 1st and 2nd, my 3rd slot is empty and my third one is my odd ball ram but it sould be the same speed as the others. I may be stupid or crazy, but I'd like clarification.
also my mother board is a b450 m gaming and it has duel channel memory but I can't find the manual online so i don't know if it is set up wrong


Jul 3, 2018
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Ram is DDR (Double Data Rate), so 1497 X2 = 2994. So your ram is running at 3000mhz. You're good to go.