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Mic stopped working...

Dec 15, 2006
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Software Win 10 Pro
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OK, I got this new microphone headset... the one like telemarketers use, with green and pink plug. Unplugged my old mic (the OLD ones, like the first computer microphones... back when they were still called microPHONES), plugged the new one in, and I go to UN-mute my microphone volume, and it still seems to be muted. I plugged in my old mic, the mic that I know worked last time I used it, two weeks ago before I muted mic.

So now im just confused... none of my mics work... it's not muted... I'm just going to get the latest HD audio drivers from realtek anyways, to see if that works. I'll post back if it works. ---wow i have to get it from techpowerup, because realtek wont go past 25k download speed.

unreal.... of all the newbness in the world... i was plugging them BOTH into the wrong ports.
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Jul 30, 2007
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so working now?

and its an easy mistake to make!