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Microstuttering in All Games- Frametime Spikes/GPU Power Drops/Voltage Spikes


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Jun 18, 2020
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Hi, so I have been getting these microstutters in almost all games I play. However, they occur much more frequently in GPU demanding games. CPU demanding games, like CSGO, I have no issue with. This leads me to believe my issue is related to my GPU. These micro stutters or frametime spikes, occur at the exact time the GPU Power % drops as indicated by MSI Afterburner. These frametime spikes are ALSO occur when my Power Limit drops to 0 and my Voltage Limit spikes to 1. My graphics card is a non-overclocked EVGA RTX 2080ti Hybrid. If anyone has any idea what could be happening I would greatly appreciate it. Below are graphs recorded while playing Jedi Fallen Order:


  • -i7 9700k (not OC)
  • -EVGA Geforce RTX 2080ti XC Hybrid (not OC)
  • -Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB DDR4 3200mhz (4x8)
  • -ASUS Prime Z390-A
  • -Corsair RMX 750x WATT PSU
  • -Samsung 970 EVO 500gb M.2 SSD
  • -6TB WD Blue 5400RPM HDD-1TB WD BLUE 7200RPM HDD-TP Link TL-WDN4800 PCIe Wifi Adapter
  • -Primary Monitor: ASUS PG279Q (1440p 165hz Gsync)
  • -Secondary Monitor: ASUS VG248QG (1080p, 165hz, Gsync)


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May 20, 2020
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The only thing I can think of right now is to try the latest drivers and take wifi pci-e card out of the system, perhaps frequencies interfere with Geforce that is running at quite high MHz.


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Jul 19, 2020
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honestly that frametime graph looks fine to me, whic games u play? if its PUBG or BF5 in DX12 it will stutter, these r games i know for sure will stutter AF
Dec 29, 2017
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System Name Silent
Processor i7 8700k delidded and OC'd to 5.2 daily 5.3 benchmarking/R9 3900x
Motherboard Asrock Z370 Extreme 4/MSI MEG ACE x570
Cooling Noctua D15/Noctua U12A
Memory 16GB G-Skill Trident Z RGB 3200 14CAS/32GB Team Dark Pro 3200/14
Video Card(s) 1080ti w/morpheus cooler w/Noctua 140mm fans/Quadro RTX 4000
Storage Optane 905p 480GB, 2 x 1TB 970 Pro Raid 0/Optane 905p 480GB
Display(s) 240hz 1080p/4x1440p 60hz
Case Coolermaster Cosmos C700M
Power Supply Seasonic Prime Titanium 600w Fanless
Benchmark Scores Cinebench 1725
OC the 9700k to 5ghz all core and see if the stutters go away. You should be able to achieve that with 1.35v.

Remove the powerlimit duration for the CPU too.
Nov 12, 2012
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Technical Tittery....
System Name "IBT 10x Maximum Stable"
Processor Intel i5 4690K @ 4.6GHz -> 100xx46 - 1.296v
Motherboard MSI MPower Z97
Cooling Corsair H100i + 2x Corsair "HP Edition" SP120's
Memory 4x4GB Corsair Vengence Pro 2400mhz @ 2400MHz 10-11-12-31-1T - 1.66v
Video Card(s) MSI Gaming GTX970 4GB @ 1314 Core/1973 Mem/1515 Boost
Storage Kingston 3K 120GB SSD + Western Digital 'Green' 2TB + Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB
Display(s) Iiyama Prolite X2377HDS 23" IPS
Case Corsair Carbide 300R
Audio Device(s) Rotel RA-04/Cambridge Audio Azur 540R + B&W DM302/Cerwin Vega AT12 / Sony MDR-XB700 & FiiO E5
Power Supply EVGA NEX650G + Silverstone Extensions
Mouse Always failing me....
Keyboard Endlessly broken.....
Software Windoze 7 Pro 64-bit/Windoze 10 Pro
Benchmark Scores I had some of these once upon a time? Old age has seen me misplace them....
OC the 9700k to 5ghz all core and see if the stutters go away.
The 9700K should not stutter - at least never with the OP's system specs - and recommending he/she OC's the thing to 5GHz to "see if" the problem persists kinda strikes me as wrong advice..... or at least something designed to mask the original issue; never a good idea.

@bbacks26 -> The WD Blue 6TB should be an SMR drive... the 1TB is likely (99.9%+) to be AMR. The SMR drive and the way it stores information may be an issue to games that write a large amount of data or newer 'AAA' games and overall could be the reason you see stuttering.

Reinstalling Win 10 is also always a move worth considering....
May 17, 2016
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System Name DUX
Processor Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard MSI X570 Gaming Plus
Cooling Fortron Windale 6 blue LED
Memory Crucial Balistix Sport 3800MHz CL16 OC
Video Card(s) Palit RTX 2060 SUPER
Storage ADATA 512GB M.2
Case Zalman Z1 NEO
Audio Device(s) Kingston HyperX Cloud II
Power Supply Corsair TX850 Gold
I noticed different games react differently. For example, in Deus EX mankind Divided i must set it to Exclusive Fullscreen to eliminate micro stutter. In others i must enable vsync either in drivers or the game. Try testing different things for games until it works fine. Also, having OBS open and using display capture will cause any game to micro stutter. That's even when not streaming. Just having OBS displaying the display capture. Might be other software that hooks to game causing stutter as well.